Lol I Started Peeing In The Shower.

I never peed in the shower until I was sixteen... I was taking a shower with my girlfriend, and when we got out I went to the toilet and peed. She seemed surprised, and asked me why I didn't just pee in the shower, and also said that she had just peed before we got out. I hadn't realized that it was even something a lot of people did... But she was so casual about it that it seemed so normal just to let it flow in the shower. I've been doing it since. I know the thread is about stopping peeing in the shower... This is my counterpoint, of sorts...

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3 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Wow I do it all the time

Pee all you want in the shower ... just, please don't pee in my pool!

Interesting... I think I have peed in the shower once in my lifetime. I have always worried that the shower will back up and the pee will come back up with me standing there. I know I am weird but that is the real reason why. I get out of the shower and dry off because I dont want my tile wet or the toilet seat for that matter and then I go potty and get back in the shower if I am not finished AND yes I wash my hands in the sink before I get back in. I am scared of germs to a degree.