Loved My Mage

I played this game for years.  at times i think i was addicted to it, maybe.  i stopped because i was spending too much time on it  (now I'm on here! lol!)  but also because everyone on that game took it sooooo seriously.   I mean come on people - its a game !     Everyone would get so mad at you when you made the the littlest mistake. - look I played for fun..........if i miss a raid....well get over it.........people have REAL lives !

I also was not that good at it, i would forget where things were, getting lost, constantly having to look at my map or ask people and had a hard time choosing the  'right'  gear for me.

Oh.....and have you ever had your account hacked ? well that's just great fun when they log on and take all your stuff !

anyway.........good-bye   WOW   forever............I will not miss you.
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Oh yea...and when you're equipment is not up to par you aren't allowed on raids. But to get the good gear you had to GO ON RAIDS. Catch 22 :P

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When always looking for silly little things to occupy time while alone, i also fond WoW and played for a while. Had no idea this group existed until I looked over your profile. But a friend and I quit playing to do other things when it got...well...boring.

they did but it took a long time, and it was when i was really playing a lot and so i was mad.......

I had my account hacked and stuff sold. It sucked. :( After 3 weeks blizzard got my stuff back, were they able to help you?