Today is the day I have stopped smoking and damn me, it is ever hard.  I already had anxiety and I am even more anxious.  I really hope I can hack it and follow through.
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1 Response May 17, 2012

Hon, you CAN do it!!! I quit Oct. 1, 1985. <br />
1-I had planned for it and THOUGHT OF MYSELF AS A NON SMOKER for months while I "eased down" on lower tar and nicotine cigarettes.<br />
2-I switched from Hot tea (that I would have my cigarette with) to HOT SPICED CIDER: a different taste and did not "remind" me of smoking. <br />
3-I told my friends that I was GOING TO quit and when I quit; I looked to them for support as well. I switched some habits that supported MY NEW NONSMOKER status.<br />
4-I rewarded myself IN OTHER WAYS for becoming a NON smoker. <br />
<br />
You CAN do it. I did it and it may seem odd, strange or even difficult...at first. IT WILL get better and easier and YOU will be MUCH HAPPIER and HEALTHIER for it!!!<br />
<br />
CONGRATS by the way; high five and HUGS to you!!!!

After I finished writting this, I got bad, I took a few puffs (not much). I need to do this and I know I will. I need to be determined. Thanks for the tips, it helps.