I Stopped Someone From Killing Themself

Late one night, I was trying to call mt Aunt and I was dialing the phone in the dark, and I ended up getting a wrong number. I was talking to this person and I said" Are you okay" and they said they was wanting to kill themself, and I asked why. He proceeded to tell me that his family had neglected him, and his father abused him, and he just couldn't live like that anymore. I told him he could get help, and go into Counseling. He didn't have to end his life. As I was talking to him, He became a little calmer and asked if I was a Psychiatrist and I said No, But my grandfather abused me, and I wantd to end my life at one time too, but didn't. I asked him what his phone number was, and he told me so I called him back the nestmorning to make sure he was okay, and he had made an appointment with a Counslor. He called me back a week later and thanked me for stopping him from killing himself. He is a good friend to both my Husband and me now and we stay in touch.

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5 Responses Mar 22, 2009

No way. That's a crazy story. I can't believe that actually happened! What an amazing coincidence!

that is amazing. God must have had you looking out for him that night. Your like a guardian angel. woah. thank you for posting. :)

fate or what what you did was truly fantastic there should be more people like you in the world

The powers that be, if ever I heard one. I had a friend make him a promise to not kill myself, I've kept that to this day, and believe me I've wanted to, but, I don't break promises and he knew that.

What an incredible and beautiful story! You are an angel! :-)