And I Didn`t Know It At the Time.

and it still gets me.she was so sad and alone.out of the blue we started talking,about how life is,and how it was for her.i knew that she had it hard,her father was a bad alcholic.he would beat her and her mother and was the 70`s the police really didn`t do much.occasionally they would take him to jail,but that`s it.the the cruelty of an out of control alcholic is truley incredible.i was a magnet for those who needed to just talk.i guess it is a gift,but i know some very dark things.and they haunt me.she told me later about what she was going to do,and how our talk stopped her from doing it.she is fine now,but still carries all the scars.

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
Mar 23, 2009