I'm really not doing good. I believe my meds were giving me all those hallucinations. I'm now crying all the time, I get mood swings, I feel like no one wants to talk to me anymore. My best friend doesn't text me, I text her..no one answers my calls or wants to hang out. No one even asks how in am except for complete strangers and my cousin. I'm losing all hope in everyone. I'm just so tired of being used.
yennafur yennafur
26-30, F
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Are you bipoler? I had a gf with that and she was how you described. She also 'forgot' to take her medicine.

No I was diagnosed with personality disorder.

So you get anxious often? Have difficulty with relationships like family and friends etc?


It must be hard knowing that you see the world very differently from your family and friends but struggle to change it. Do the drugs help? Have you gone through cognitive therapy and coping strategies? Is it your PD that makes you not want your medication? Is it just the side effects that make you want to stop the medication?

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