She Was..

Her name is Wilson... named after her uncle just in case you were wondering.. we were best friends for 5 years. I did everything possible to hang onto our friendship.. but she just gave up on me.. She went crazy, do to her friend Liz feeding her lie after lie to trick her into kissing her as she had a huge crush on her.. I found this all out later.. but so Wilson started talking about how anime characters were real, and lived in this world, and how she could talk to them and such.. when I realized she was serious, I went along with it.. what else was there to do? So for a while I just accepted it and ignored it.. but eventually, things got out of control with it.. she would always talk about it, always think about it, and was starting to talk to them in front of me.. people that weren't there.. and I tried to just go with it I really did... but eventually I decided that I had to honestly share how I felt about it, and when I did, she then decided to ignore me.. everytime we hung out after that it was like we weren't even friends.. she never called me anymore, I always had to call her.. eventually, her birthday came and I hadn't been invited over even, but I brought her her present anyways.. and she was out with Liz.. my birthday was the next month.. nothing came from her.. not even a call.. I never bothered after that.. I still see her but she doesn't care about me whatsoever.. it's sad but, I've moved on, and have a new best friend that cares about me and loves me like a sister :)

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Thank you everyone... and Little Moose.. she told her mother and she didn't care! She just was like ok.. I was there when she told her! There wasn't much I could do if her own mother didn't care.. I hope she grew out of it but honestly she doesn't even talk to me..

I love anime but i leave it at that, i know they're drawingss. Sometimes i joked around and pretended that one of the anime boys was my lover but only for a joke. This girl is seriously sick, she needs help. And ignoring you you just cause you told the truth (wich is what friends should do) is horrible. You were a good friend and she didn't care. You're better off without her.<br />
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