My Friend Blackwell

I was friends with Blackwell for about four years, since 2005, but that all changed in 2009.  I was just sitting there talking to him and he went crazy, talking about suicide and I've heard his rant before.  I can't remember the details of what exactly was said, but I know I was hurt and scared.  He made it seem to me that if he killed himself it would be all my fault.  It really hurt my feelings.  This wasn't the first time he had said something like that to me, he had always been depressive and telling me those things.  I was always there and a support beam for him, but this time was the last time.  He was always lying to me and trying strategically to make me feel bad.  I had forgiven him time and time again over the lies.  I walked away from him crying after that last conversation.  I have since gotten messages from him, which I suppose makes it safe to say he hasn't commited suicide.  All of the messages he has sent me were saying sorry and how he would never lie to me or threaten me in such a way ever again.  I know him and how he is and I know better than anyone that he's said that before.  He was my best friend, outside of my family, I trusted him like my best friend, and I'll miss him but I just can't put myself in that position again.

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