Why More And More Students Are Opting For Self Storage

Every year, during the Christmas and summer holidays, students around the country face the challenge of deciding where to store their belongings when they return home, or go travelling. Having a friend or a family member pick up and transport these items is not only unfair on that person, but is also quite impractical. The cost of petrol alone is enough to put off even the most generous of relatives or friends. Likewise, paying for items to be posted can be extremely expensive, particularly if there are heavier goods, such as textbooks, which need to be sent. This issue is even more problematic for students who are studying abroad. In almost every case, the most feasible solution is student self storage.

Storage units are far cheaper than many people imagine, and almost every storage company will offer a discount to full-time students, making the price even more affordable. Furthermore, there are several student self storage companies which provide a collection service, so those attending university can have their items picked up directly from their accommodation, and delivered to their chosen address when the term begins in a few months time. This service makes the entire process incredibly quick and easy, from beginning to end.

With budget being the main consideration for most students, it’s important to opt for a storage company which can offer a good selection of unit sizes, so as to ensure that you only pay for the space that you need. And lastly, whilst pricing is important, the security and overall condition of the facility as a whole should be taken into account as well – there’s no point opting for a low-cost unit in an unsecure, poorly maintained facility.

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Dec 13, 2012