I worked as a job counselor and told of an event that happened when I was in High School.

Waiting at the buss stop I was approched by another student, who proceded to take out a knife and hold it to my face demanding money. I was eating an softy freeze and shoved the ice cream into his face. He fell back dropping the knife and I saw it on the ground, instead of picking it up I tried to take my jacket off and the zipper stuck. I got brused, but he did not get my money.

If I had picked up the knife I would have used it on his pretty face. He as taller and bigger than me and was in the school ROTC program. School grounds, knife, pretty ROTC boy, I would have been charged as a adult. And my field of work world have been lost.

One of my client's remarked that I could have been on the other side. I worked with felons.

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Sep 5, 2012