Loss Love Of My Life Still Sad After 3 Yrs

Loss love of my life still sad after 3 yrs. Moved to new state and have no friends. Love to fish and target shoot walk my dog go fishing but no one to do anything with. Everyone just says get over it. Okay how do you do that when every moment was spent with the one you lost? I don;t have anyone to talk too and no one cares..Just very lonely.
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I feel for you, as I'm still reeling from a love loss earlier this year. You sound like you would be a fun person to do things with and alot of guys like fishing and target shooting. I tried a Meetup website for the first time and was surprised to meet some nice people to do some things. Helped to change my focus off of how bad I felt.. When I couldn't change it myself, being around positive future oriented people helped lift me up. I know its tough to be alone though, especially if you had a good time with your love. I'll think good thoughts for you....

Message me:)

Awe it is lonely:(

Im so sorry , Im feel so bad for you .. keep doing all those things and maybe insted of focusing on finding someone new keep doing the things you love and try to make yourself happy and things will work out for you