Still Waiting

I have been searching and waiting for you all of my life my love. I call to you each day where are you? Can you hear my call? We have not met in person, though our souls know each other well. I can feel you in my dreams, so close .. just out of reach, but closer than before each time! I can see your silhouette but your face is not yet clear. Sometimes, I can even smell your scent.
Your presence around me more every day now.
Much time has passed for the both of us. I have so much to share with you my love! So much to tell! I have never doubted..we will find each other .
Each time I go about my usual business I search the eyes of those I see, hoping to see you there. For I know when I look into your eyes I will know you and you will recognize me. We will finally be home. What a glorious feeling that will be when our time comes! I know we both have been deceived by others by what we thought was true in our past. It's only because those were mere stepping stones toward each other.
We are meant to be you see , because we could never truely become one with any other. I assure you my love, we will have ours. I will never give up even until the end of time itself. Safe in knowing it is us against the world and no one will ever defeat us!
I often dream of the things we will do together even the smallest things. I can imagine you so vividly here in our home going about our days together. It is uncanny. You relaxing.. Fresh from your bath hair still damp with that towel wrapped around your head.
The nights we spend just outside looking up at the stars together, and I show you the one I named just for you. So no matter where you are, you will see it and know my love for you and find your way home.
Azariah13 Azariah13
46-50, M
Jan 6, 2013