I Remember Everything

I remember everything you have ever said to me. I remember everything we've ever done. I remember pearl earrings. I remember it all except:

The very last time we saw each other in Georgia.

And it doesn't make sense that I would not remember it. I remember everything about all the goodbyes and last times (accepting of course the drunk goodbyes - some of those not-so-much) of just about everyone I've ever known accept you.

I don't remember saying goodbye to you.
I've asked myself a hundred or more times over the years if YOU remember. I hope I didn't just LEAVE. Without telling you I was leaving. I hope I warned you days and weeks ahead of time.

Once you stopped by the Mutt Hutt. It was YEARS after the last time I've seen you and just months after my moving to Colorado. I wanted to ask you so bad-cause its one of the things I wish I could change - a regret. I don't have many, because my life has been rich and full - even the mistakes were glorious -
But I regret so badly not remembering saying goodbye to you.

I bet most people wish the opposite - they wish they could forget saying goodbye to someone so so special.

i bet I don't remember because it was probably one of the hardest most painful things I had to do. I've blocked it out. If I know me I blocked it out then. Refused to feel it. Put it away and kept my eyes and feet moving forward.

What do you remember Mark? I need to know now.....
pearlybaker pearlybaker
41-45, F
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I think he will answer you... That was too heartfelt not to get a reply. I believe you are a special person in his world and he remembers everything also!
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