Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

An Agnostic explained Jesus to me.

The gravity of that sentence needs to be explained a bit I think.

You see I was an atheist, a Satanist, A Christian, A Wiccan, A Unitarian, A Baptist, I even toyed with Judiaism for a while. because nothing seemed "right" to me.
When I sobered up, and started spending alot of time with The Big Book and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous - well - I had no choice but to spend alot of time with God. It started in rehab - where I had a burning bush experience.
then in the program - I was told I didn't have to be anything. I didn't need to label myself with a religion for God to be able to hear me.
I didn't know that.
i thought for all of my life - down deep - god only listened to you, and was your friend, if you had a label of HOW you beleived in him. If you had none, you got put on the shelf with the other generic cigarette smokers.

I've come to beleive thats simply not true. He doesn't care if you have a club you go to worship him. He wants you practice his teachings in your everyday life. Thats all. He likes to be thanked and fawned over. Thats allright - when you think about it - who better to fawn than God? hes pretty awesome.


Is a different story. Letting go of the need to wrap my mind around the science of it. Thats tough.
The english language and my catholic upbringing have me stuck on the thinking of biological son. Off spring. Makes no sense.
So - the easiest way to do that was simply let it go. It took a few years but I did. I don't care anymore what the reasons or 'functions" scientifically or any of that - what they are.
They just are. i don't understand it - never will - and thats OK. So NOW...I'm left with the need to understand this
"GAVE US his ONLY SON - so that we could LIVE FOREVER IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN." business


What does THAT have to do with anything? What about those decent honest loving people born Jewish and always will be? What about them.
I've always been pointed to this or that phrase in the bible that provides this question with a loop hole - so that it can be quickly glossed over and we move onto the collection basket.

Now the point of my story.
We were discussing this question at work the other day. A tough subject for some to delve into at the workplace - but mine is OK with that. I am so fortunate to have been placed with open minded honest people. In this discussion, one woman I work with said something so simple -
and it was like an explosion went off in my head. I get it now. What jesus does for humanity -

He's our lawyer.

pearlybaker pearlybaker
41-45, F
Jan 12, 2013