I'm Only Wanted, If I'm Giving Something...

I am a 52-year-old woman with 3 grown kids. I always wanted grandchildren, and I now have two. I have a grandson that's 10 weeks and a granddaughter that's 9 weeks. My problem started when I loaned my mother some money, $3,500 to be exact. She said she'd pay me back whenever she sold her house. Years later, she sold it and never mentioned anything about paying me back.

I asked my mother to borrow some money, knowing I was only getting back what she owed me, and because I outsmarted her in getting $2,000 of the money back, she bad-mouthed me to the family. What is amazing is that people listened, when what was said didn't match who I am.

I'm treated differently by family members, even though I have one of the biggest hearts on this planet. If I am giving them something i.e., money, advice, free legal work (I am a retired paralegal), then they loved me to death. But I had to be doing something for them. Absent, my doing something led to my being alienated.

My grandkids lives in different states, so after waiting years to have grandchildren, I'm not around them.

So here I sit... looking for a state to start over in, starting a new life. I will simply tell people I meet that I have no family, even though I have a mother, 2 sisters, 2 brothers, 3 kids and other family members.

I can't understand how one person was able to turn so many people against me, simply because of something "that person" didn't like. Looks like I'll be living life alone.
LookingOutFromInside LookingOutFromInside
51-55, F
Jan 14, 2013