When I was about 9/10,two older friends I used to mate out with decided that as it was raining we should stay at my home and play here,mum and dad were out at work and trusted me to be a good lad nd bring no trouble home.
As the daywent on theother boys started to talk about sex and had I seen agirl with nothing on,of couse not i said then asked me if I liked mu bumfelt,I said that was not nice but they said i was being silly and pulled my trousers and pants off and then rubbed gently around my bum,
It felt OK but I was a bit scared,but they reasured me all ws fine,they then dropped thereclothes and showed me their willies they were a bit bigger than mine and were standind out out looking stiff,one of them took my hand and placed it around his willy,it seemed nice and worm,and I began tolike the fun,the othe boy put some sort of soft cream all around his and around my bum then they said toget on my hands and knees like a little dog and we would play,I felt something sliding inside me and I cried out but was tod to shut up,I slowly stopped crying as I was begining to like it and I was moving my hand up and down my shaft,as it also was very hard,the first one was grunting and shoved into me even harder the cried out and then he shrank and went limp,I did not know what happend he said not to worry as it was OK,thenthe other boy did the same,but as he was doing it he held my little hard willy and moved it up and down ai felt after ashort time a tingling in it and it began to hurt so I told him to stop but he carried on until his willy went limp and he pulled out of me,I was suprised that it did not hurt me as since thenI have read of the pain other first timers went through.
That was the only time it happened,and even now after almost70 years I feel guilty,and upset that they would not let me do it to them.
numpty666 numpty666
70+, M
Jan 20, 2013