I Raped My Best Friend'S Mom

I remember the time I raped my best friend's mom, Denise. She had this cute young Jada Pinkett look but with long hair. She ha a little gut, but you couldn't notice it because she had a even fatter *** and some big juicy ****. Her nipples were the size of my thumb and could be seen through the thickest sweaters. Being the big *** man that I am, my **** stayed hard whenever I was around her.

Denise was 14 years old when she had my best friend J. it was her father's friend that got her pregnant. Her father snapped the **** out and blew dude's head off with a shot gun. He got life in jail for that ****. As noble as it was, it didn't stop the next pervert from molesting her. By the time Denise was 17, she already had 10 abortions.

Psychologically Denise was messed up, which was an aphrodisiac to me. I prefer my females to have been raped, molested, abused or have had incestuous sex. It's that element of darkness I love so much. While most guys are focused on penetrating the *****, I want to penetrate their Darkness of Sexual Desire. Not just by taking a few steps into their sexual psyche, I wanted to go to the very core of their darkness. I wanted to see the very act of perversion that shape their sexual deviancies. That's the **** I get off on.

But that's not all . . .

I want to make them relive it exactly how it happened word for word. I want the tears, the screams, the pain and the pleas. I want the confusion, the shame, the guilt, and the hate. But most of all, I want to experience of that one time they liked it. That one time when the tears, screams, pain, pleas, confusion, shame, guilt, and hate couldn't stop the ******. I want to experience that moment when pleasure prevailed. Because it is at that point their sexual perversion became conscious. Every sexual deviance that came after that moment would thicken the darkness of their Sexual Desire.

So you could see my attraction to Denise wasn't just physical. I knew about her past from my aunts and uncles that grew up with her. So it was like I kinda had a map to guide me to the core of the Darkside of her Sexual Desire.

Denise was a young single parent like must of my friend's moms. She was only 14 years older then me, barely 30. She was still into getting dressed up in skimpy clothes, going to clubs, and getting drunk off her ***. Every time she went to the club she came back with a man or sometimes two. And every single time I would be waiting for her in her bedroom closet. Even if I feel asleep, her stumbling up the steps drunk would wake me up.

The guys Denise brought home weren't boys either. They were much older then her. Instantly I understood the significance of it. Plus I notice how she always acted child-like by changing her voice and pretending to be naive while getting ******. One time she told a guy to cover here mouth while he hit it. Another time I heard her tell a guy to call her sweet cakes while she called him Andre. That wasn't his name. That was the name of J's father. Hearing that **** had me ******* my **** like a mad man from inside her bedroom closet.

J hated the fact that his mother was a drunken *****, then again what kid wouldn't. He didn't understand the alcohol temporarily erased the pain of her father going to jail for life. The stress it put on her mother that eventually killed her. The guilt of all ten abortions. Having to drop out of school and forget her dreams of becoming a doctor.

J didn't understand that no matter what they called it . . . his mother loved Andre, and what he did to her was out of love. That same love she so desperately sought in every guy that smiled at her. That bought her a drink. That told her she was beautiful. That put their hand on her thigh . . . and pushed it up her skirt . . . and slide a finger or two inside her *****, just like Andre did.

I wanted to penetrate Denise's's darkness. . . to the core. I wanted to submerge myself in it like a sponge in a bucket of water, and soaked it in. My darkness would swallow hers like a black hole and expand my perverted universe by adding another deviant galaxy.

You'll come to realize, once I make my mind up about something, nothing is going to change it. I had already raped my best friends mom over ten times in my head. It was time to make it my reality

And I did . . . . .

You're going to have to wait until next week for the conclusion of "I raped my best friend's Mom. pt 2"

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Dude your a sicko