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Toilet Girl

Sarah had been kidnapped from an eastern home and brought out
to this Midwestern city, right on the outskirts. This kidnapping took
place in the middle of summer right after Sarah's graduation, and it
happened in the wee hours of the morning. Then she was brought out to
this elaborate three story building, a building surrounded with
privately owned fields, fields also owned by the owner and operator of
the elaborate building. There she was taken up to the third floor and
placed in a 10x10 room, with only a shower, toilet and a bed. From
her window she was able to watch other young girls being tormented and
tortured in the courtyard below. She couldn't hear much through the
locked door, but she did hear the faint cries and screams of these
other young girls.
After Sarah had been here for about a week, the door of her
room opened and a tall, leggy redhead stepped into her room. "Hi, my
name is Mistress Johanna. I will be your Mistress for the duration of
your stay here."
"Where am I?" Sarah asked.
"Where does not matter, it's how you perform here that will
count a great deal," Mistress Johanna said as she brushed Sarah's
hair. "You have such pretty blond hair and your face is perfect. I
like pretty girls. How old are you, Sarah?"
"Just the age that I like," Mistress Johanna smiled, "I think
seventeen is perfect for the line of work I have in mind for you."
"Why am I here?" Sarah asked. "I was kidnapped."
"Of course you were kidnapped, but don't get high hopes. No
one will ever find you here. In fact, during my time here, we have
kidnapped several girls with no trace ever of them. So you had better
settle down and learn to have some fun with us. If you serve your
apprenticeship correctly, you might be allowed to join us here at the
"What am I supposed to do?" Sarah asked.
"That will be revealed in short time, but first, have you been
watching the young girls in the courtyard below?"
"Yes, I've watched them a little. It's sickening to watch."
"Well, those little girls didn't have to go through that at
all, those girls were the ones that refused to go through with all
their assignments. They're begging now for the chance to be allowed
to continue their assignments, but it's too late for them. You only
get one chance here."
"What are you going to do with them," Sarah asked.
"We have a deep well out back, we'll just throw them into that
well when they pass out. No one will know that they were ever here."
Sarah was horrified. Trembling, she asked, "What am I
supposed to do?"
"I'm glad you asked. I guess now is as good as any to tell you
your duties here. I will give you only three days to decide for
yourself. After three days, if you still haven't come around, then
you will have a date with that same courtyard you see below. Do you
Sarah nodded her head yes. "What is it you want of me?"
"Have you ever licked a lady's *******?" Mistress Johanna
asked Sarah.
"Yuk," Sarah screwed up her face. "That is disgusting."
"You think so, huh?" Mistress Johanna asked. "I was hoping
you might not think it was so repulsive."
"Is that what you want me to do to you?" Sarah swallowed hard.
"Oh, there is a lot more than that to do," Mistress Johanna
"What can be more repulsive than that?" Sarah asked again.
"I want you to become my very own toilet slave."
"Toilet slave?" Sarah wondered, "Just what does a toilet
slave do for her Mistress, help her in the bathroom?"
"You have no idea exactly what the term 'Toilet Slave' means,
do you?"
"Well, a toilet slave eats her Mistress's ****!"
"That's terrible," Sarah began to gag just from the thought.
"You don't have to decide right now, you have three days to
decide. It's all up to you. Now if you don't decide it's a yes
answer, then I'll have you taken down into the courtyard, and there
will be no second chance. Understand?"
Sarah did not answer. Instead she went over to the toilet and
began to gag.
"That's not a good sign, sweetheart. But you think about it.
I'll be back tomorrow and we'll talk some more." Mistress Johanna left
the room, locking the door behind her.
Sarah gagged and gagged from just the thought of it. She even
returned her night's supper when it was brought to her. Far into the
night, Sarah lay awake, recalling what Mistress Johanna had told her.
Finally, she fell asleep only to be bothered all night by this
When morning came, she was awakened again by the faint sounds
of cries and screams coming from the courtyard below and it all came
back to her again. Sarah covered her head with a pillow to drown out
the sound of girls being tormented. When breakfast arrived, she did
eat a little, but pushed the majority aside. No matter what she
tried, Mistress Johanna's words were always ringing in her head. She
did say 'eat ****', didn't she. Sarah was sure she had heard her
Sarah finally heard the keys jiggle in the lock on her door and
then the door opened. There was Mistress Johanna again. Mistress
Johanna closed the door, relocked it again and walked over to Sarah's
bed. "Have a good night's sleep? Or have you been considering what I
told you yesterday?"
"I didn't get much sleep at all," Sarah winced a little. "I
was awake all night just thinking about what you said yesterday."
"Did you make a decision already?" Mistress Johanna asked.
"I was .... I was wondering if I heard you correctly?"
"What did you think I said yesterday?" Mistress Johanna asked
as she took Sarah's hand in hers. "Tell me, sweetheart, tell me what
you thought I said."
"I thought you said that a slave eats her ... eats .... eats
her Mistress's .... ****," Sarah stammered and dropped her eyes.
"That's exactly what I said," Mistress Johanna smiled wickedly,
"Of course there will be a lot more to it than that."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, for starters, you might be told to provide this same
service to one of the other Mistress's here, but that will be only my
decision. Now I won't have you do this for a while, I want you all to
myself. Now, say it again, I want to hear you say it."
"Say what?" Sarah raised her eyes, afraid that Mistress Johanna
was going to make her do it right now.
"You know what I want you to say."
Sarah's eyes fell again. "Eat ****."
"Louder. Look at me when you say it," Mistress Johanna took
Sarah's chin in her hands.
"Eat ****. Oh, I can't say that," Sarah wailed.
"Of course you can say that, you just did. Now say it again
for me."
"Eat ****."
"That's nice, sweetheart. Just you keep thinking about it,"
Mistress Johanna got up.
"Will you be back tomorrow?" Sarah asked.
"I think I will come back again tonight, so we can talk some
more about your duties here as a toilet slave, would you like that?"
"Whatever you like, I can't go anywhere," Sarah said
The door closed and was again locked. Sarah threw herself on
the bed and began to cry and cried for a solid hour. Why had this
ever happened to her? She just couldn't believe that this was all
happening to her. This was all so unbelievable.
When supper came, Sarah was once again too ill to eat much of
it. What Mistress Johanna wanted was just too much for her to
stomach. When she heard the keys in the door again, Sarah huddled in
the corner.
"Trying to hide?" Mistress Johanna laughed. "It won't do you
any good."
"I'm sick, I couldn't eat much of my supper," Sarah replied.
"I can understand that, but you will soon get over your
illness. It's just the thought that is so sickening for young girls
like you."
"It is sickening, isn't it?" Sarah half asked.
"Maybe you'd better get in the mood again by telling me once
more. Tell me what I want you to do for me."
"You want me to .... to ... eat .... eat your..... ****."
"Now, that wasn't too hard, was it? Tell me, sweetheart, did
you ever wonder why I give
you three days?"
"It did cross my mind, but I figured it was your plan to get
me used to the idea."
"That's not the reason. You see, I haven't **** since the day
before yesterday. I will hold my **** for up to three days for a
pretty girl like you. Three days only. After that, I get real cranky
and it's off to that courtyard below."
"You haven't ... you know what, since day before yesterday?"
"That's right. You see, I like to prepare myself for each new
girl I train. Do you know what that means?"
"I think so," Sarah responded.
"What do you think it means?"
"It means you will have a big bowel movement," Sarah winced.
"That's right, sweetheart. A whole lot of **** for you to
eat. So the sooner you come
around, the less you will have to eat."
"You mean I will have to eat it all? All that?" Sarah was
aghast and she was beginning to
shake. "Won't that make a girl sick?"
"Sometimes. If you want to avoid this sickness, we could go
right now to my room. Of course I still would have a big amount, but
tomorrow it will be even more."
"How often would I have to perform this odious chore for you?"
"Every day, my dear," Mistress Johanna responded. "Every
single day. You wouldn't want
me to get plugged up, would you?"
"I don't know if I could do it every day. I just know I will
get sick."
"You won't get sick, I'll see to that if you ever agree,"
Mistress Johanna promised.
"It just seems so filthy," Sarah shuddered.
"Would you like to start tonight? I can promise you, you won't
be sorry. You might be sorry if you wait till that third day before
you start. That is, if you are going to start."
"I can't let you take me down to that courtyard," Sarah
blubbered and began to cry again.
"Oh, stop that crying. Be a brave little girl." Mistress
Johanna came over beside Sarah and took hold of her arm. "Come,
sweetheart, let me take you to my room, and there I will give you the
ground rules. In there, there is a TV, a radio, all sorts of things
to keep you occupied, but it will be your permanent room for the time
Sarah let herself be pulled to her feet.
"That's a nice girl. Come, let's go now. I do feel rather
stuffed," Mistress Johanna tugged at Sarah's arm a moment before the
girl went with her.
Mistress Johanna led Sarah out the door and down a long hall to
a stairwell. Slowly, they descended the stairs to the second floor,
then along it till Johanna stopped before a massive wooden doorway.
She opened the door and guided Sarah into the room, then closed the
"Isn't this room a lot better than the room you had upstairs?"

"It is nice," Sarah responded, looking about.
Mistress Johanna walked over to a buffet and took down a plate,
covered with a design of flowers. This she took over to Sarah and
handed it to her, along with an indelible ink pen. "Now I want you to
turn that plate over and mark a big #2 on the back. Do you know what
that will stand for?"
"I think so," Sarah turned the plate over and took the pen.
"What do you think it stands for?" Mistress Johanna sat down
beside Sarah.
or a bath, but you will have it in your hands at all other times,
except when you eat. Then everything you eat will be off that plate.
Is that understood? I expect to see that plate in your hands any time
I come into this room."
"Yes, Mistress."
"That's nice, you've already learned the proper way to talk
with your Mistress. Now I am going to **** on YOUR plate, but before
I do, there are a few rules I want you to adhere to ... one, don't you
dare throw any of it up; two, always take a big mouthful each and
every time you take a bite; three, you are to look in my face when you
have that mouthful; four, I want you to chew each mouthful ten times;
five, when you have counted out the ten chews, I want you to open your
mouth to show me you have chewed it properly. If you haven't, I will
require you to chew it another five times; six, you will wait for my
approval to swallow each bite. Now remember, don't you dare throw any
of it up or I will take you immediately down into that courtyard. Now
you may go into the bathroom when I say you are through, turn the
faucet on full blast and then throw up if you have to, which you
probably will do since this is your first time. Do you have
everything I told you? I want you to repeat every one so there will
be no mistake about this at all."
Sarah recalled every sordid detail of the instructions that
Mistress Johanna had told her.
"You learn fast, my dear, so I think it is time for you to
become initiated. Are you ready for this wonderful way to pay
respects to your Mistress?"
"Do I have a choice?''
"That's not a very good answer," Mistress said as she stood
and began to remove her
clothing, down to a bra, garter belt and nylons and high heels.
"Now I'm going to turn my back to you so you can see it all
coming out of my *******. And remember, there will be a lot in there
now after a day and a half."
Mistress Johanna turned her back to Sarah and squatted right
over the plate. For several moments nothing happened, then slowly her
******* began to blossom out to reveal the brown tip of her ****.
Slowly her **** crawled out, more and more coming out. Mistress
Johanna watching between her legs, saw that her turd was tremendous in
size and moved her butt around a little to curl it across the plate.
When Mistress Johanna squeezed out the last of her ****, she turned
around to Sarah, "I think it is time for you to taste a lady's
******* now."
"Your ******* is so dirty now," Sarah winced.
"You had better get used to that taste, you will be doing a
whole lot of that in the months to come," Mistress Johanna promised
Sarah. "So you be a nice little girl now, and lick my dirty *******."
Sarah moved closer, closed her eyes and was struck by the odor
of feces as her face neared it's mark. She immediately drew back.
"What's wrong? Smell? You had better get used to that. Now
get your tongue up to my
******* and wash it real good."
Sarah held her breath and moved her tongue up against her
Mistress's ******* and began to lick.
"Ooooh, that feels so good. You just keep licking until I
tell you to stop."
Sarah's tongue began to lap around in her Mistress's *******,
that wrinkled up pucker placed low in the crack. She finally had to
let her breath out and was surprised that the smell was nearly gone,
but that acrid/bitter taste remained in her mouth.
Finally, after about ten minutes of licking, Mistress Johanna
turned around. "Are you ready to give your Mistress a thrill? Get
your mouth down on that **** and take a big bite, and remember, don't
you dare throw it up. Better still, I want to see you licking my
****. Lick it from one end to the other, back and forth, up the sides
and back down on the other side. Then after you have licked it
properly, I'll let you eat it."
Sarah lowered her mouth and tried to ignore the smell and
started licking just like Mistress Johanna had instructed.
"My little girl had never even licked an ******* before, then
she did that. Now she is a ****-licker. A dirty, filthy ****-licker.
But I think it is getting time for her to start eating it."
"But there's so much. You don't expect me to eat all that
without throwing up do you? That must be an inch thick and something
like eleven inches long."
"I know it seems big to you, but you can do it, I know you can.
When you take a bite, just keep repeating to yourself as you count,
don't throw up, don't throw up. I will be counting too, and if I
catch you cheating me, there will be hell to pay."
Sarah reluctantly bent down and took a big mouthful of her
Mistress's **** and immediately her face screwed up.
"Start chewing on it, you little ****. Chew it up for me, get
it all over on the inside of your mouth. I want you to taste my ****.
Do you think it tastes nasty?"
Sarah shook her head yes, but did manage to keep chewing. "I
think I have chewed it ten times, Mistress," Sarah said between
clenched teeth and tilting her head back.
"Open your mouth then, show me how well you have chewed it,"
Mistress Johanna directed
Sarah opened her mouth to show her Mistress.
"Oh, you did a fine job of chewing it up. I can't see one
single lump. Now you may
swallow it."
Sarah swallowed quickly and the horrible taste rolled up into
her mouth.
"You have made the complete cycle now, from an ******* licker,
a ****-licker, now you are a bonified ****-eater. Is the taste
terrible to you?"
"It's terrible," Sarah whined.
"Well, you still have a lot more to go yet, so you had better
get busy. I'm only going to give you one hour. You've already spent
ten minutes of that hour now, so you'd better get busy and really go
to work. Show me what a good ****-eater you are."
Again Sarah dropped her mouth and bit off another big mouthful
and, without Johanna telling her, she began to munch on this foul
piece of **** until she had chewed it ten times and opened her mouth
again for her Mistress to inspect her mouth. When Mistress Johanna
nodded her head, Sarah swallowed. All this time Mistress Johanna had
been watching her, she had been ************.
Sarah took another bite. Bite after bite, Sarah took without
Mistress Johanna telling her to. Finally Sarah swallowed the very
last of the **** and looked at her Mistress, begging with her eyes to
be allowed to go into the bathroom and throw up.
Finally Mistress Johanna motioned with her hand, giving Sarah
permission to go throw up, and Sarah made a bee line for the bathroom.
Remembering everything her Mistress had told her, she closed the
bathroom door, turned the water on full blast and barely had time to
hang her head over the toilet bowl and began throwing up. She gagged
and gagged for 15 minutes until
finally she began to regain her senses. After she was through
throwing up, she noticed a lone tooth brush at the vanity and at once
began to brush her teeth. Following this, she used a great deal of
mouthwash she found in the cabinet above the sink. Finally, after a
good 30 minutes in the bathroom, Sarah again opened the bathroom door
and came out. Mistress Johanna was still there.
"So, how is my pretty little ****-eater now? Do you feel all
fit and chipper?"
"That was horrible," Sarah said as she crossed the room and sat
on the side of the bed. "I never even dreamed of doing that before.
And there was so much."
"Well, you won't need to worry about that again, or I don't
think so. You see, tomorrow there will be much less. Just think of
all you would have had to eat if you had waited the full three days."

"You've done this before with other girls?"
"Lots of times. I've trained dozens of girls at this. Most of
them have been taken by other women who want toilet slaves. But don't
you worry, honey, you are very pretty and I think I will keep you
around for a long, long time."
"I'm going to have to do this again tomorrow?"
"I haven't **** in a regular toilet in several months now. You
will be my regular toilet bowl from now on," Mistress Johanna smiled
at Sarah. "Now, if you are thinking about me *******, I have a
regular **** girl that I use 4 or 5 times a day. So you won't get the
benefit of washing my **** down with ****."
"What else do I have to do?"
"Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You are nothing but my toilet
bowl. Just be ready for me to show up. I usually have a bowel
movement around four in the afternoon, but it could be any time. Just
grab that plate and never turn it loose. I see you have it now, good
girl, but remember what I said above never turning it loose. Never
let it out of your hands. Now, after you have been here awhile, I
might take you with me to the office."
"What do I have to do in the office?"
"Well, to begin with, you are to remain kneeling at all times
right behind me. At times I won't be wearing any panties under my
dress and I'll want to feel your tongue worshipping my ****-hole, so
I'll just pull up my dress and scoot back in my chair so you can
"Did you say yesterday that at times I would be expected to
service other Mistress's in this same fashion?" "Yes, I did say that.
And I would expect you to serve them in the same fashion that you did
me tonight, and with the same courtesy. And from time to time I will
be offering you to one of my visiting guests as their toilets too. In
fact, there will be days after you have been here a while, that you
will service three or four women in this fashion."
"Oh please no, I'd die of embarrassment," Sarah pleaded.
"You think so, huh? What if I were to bring in maybe a dozen
Mistress's with their slaves
and had you do it? Think that would really embarrass you?"
"Please no, I beg of you. Don't do that to me," Sarah wailed.
"Well, I'm counting on that day you will tell me that my ****
is delicious. You'll even tell me that the smell of my **** is like a
bouquet of flowers to you."
"Don't count on it." Sarah screwed up her face again.
"Well, let's see now. From the way you acted tonight, I would
say that you'll tell me my ****
is delicious within two months from tonight. What do you think about
"I'd say you are way off base with that one. There is no way
I'll ever tell you that," Sarah remarked.
"We'll just see about that, and you will be just begging me to
taste the **** of the other Mistress's here. I've not been wrong
about many girls on this subject. Mark my words girl, you will be a
****-eater deluxe."


Mistress Johanna opened her door and stepped in, again
relocking the door. "I see you
are ready. You're holding your plate like a good little girl."
"You're not going to make me do that again are you? Please
Mistress, it tastes so very
terrible and it made me throw up."
"I told you that you would have to do it every single day
without fail, only after a while, I won't allow you to throw it back
"I don't think I will ever be able to do that," Sarah said as
she sat the plate under the squatting Mistress Johanna. "Isn't there
something else I could do for you, like licking your *****?"
"I explained all that to you yesterday, ****. You know I
already have a girl for that." Mistress Johanna began to defecate
onto the plate. When she had finished and turned around, "See, I told
you there wouldn't be so much this time. Now you can get down there
and start eating it."
"But it's so nasty looking, it's so soft," Sarah complained.
"You'll find that this kind is the tastiest, so other little
girls have told me. Now get busy or I will take the skin off your ***
with a switch."
Sarah lowered her mouth, then drew back, "It smells terrible."
"So? What do you expect **** to smell like? It always smells
this way. Before long you will learn to love that smell."
Sarah made a face and lowered her mouth down to the log of
filth-and bit off a good mouthful.
"Now remember, dear, learn not to make a face. I'll think you
are not gracious for my offering. In a few days I'll expect you not
to make a face at all."
Sarah tried to not make a face, but it was difficult for her.
She continued to chew until she had chewed it ten times, then opened
her mouth for her Mistress to inspect.
Mistress Johanna made her inspection and only nodded her head.
Sarah swallowed and made a terrible face, "That stuff is
Mistress Johanna did not make a remark, she only pointed to her
pile of **** below Sarah. Sarah noticed the glint of fire in
Johanna's eyes and thought she had pushed this affair as far as she
was able and again bit off another mouthful of **** and began to chew
it. After another ten chews, she again opened her mouth before
Johanna allowed her to swallow. It took Sarah six big mouthfuls
before she had completely devoured Mistress Johanna's ****.
"Lick that plate clean and then, after I leave, you may wash it
and try not to throw up as long as you can. That way you get
accustomed to the taste." Mistress Johanna got up and opened the door,
leaving and re-locking the door.
Sarah bolted for the bathroom and threw up again but, as
directed, she washed her plate for next time.


Sarah was waiting for her Mistress at the door with the plate
in out-stretched hands.
"You're getting to be such a lovely toilet girl. You're always
ready for my **** now, aren't you?" Mistress Johanna smiled at the
"Yes, Mistress."
"Don't you have something to tell me?"
"Oh, you know, what I said you would do within two months?"
Mistress Johanna took Sarah by the arm and led her over to a couch.
"Oh, that," and Sarah reddened, then looked up at her Mistress.
"Mistress, what you said was true. I wasn't going to tell you, but I
just can't keep it to myself any longer. I love the taste of your
**** .... I think your **** is delicious."
"I think it's time for you to start going out with me to my
office. You can eat my **** there. What do you think about that?"
"I'd like to go out with you, but I would rather eat your ****
here, in private. I wouldn't want anyone to know I was doing this."
Sarah colored.
"You don't have a choice, missy. Remember, you are only a
slave," Mistress Johanna said.
Mistress Johanna led Sarah down to a first floor office and let
her in. Sarah surveyed the room with the big desk, several chairs, a
couch and several bookcases. The room was decorated in a grand style,
very Mistress-Johanna in taste.
"That chair is yours," Mistress Johanna pointed to a chair
sitting about six feet behind the desk chair. "Whenever you see me
pull up my skirt and scoot back in that chair, I want you to get off
your chair and drop to your knees behind me and place your mouth right
on my ****-hole. Generally I will do this when I have another
Mistress in here or it might be a paying guest. You see, we have many
paying guests here, guests that like to partake of the little favors
that our slaves are performing. I like to advertise my slaves this
way. Now you will hold your mouth right on my dirt-hole until I tell
you to start, then you draw back about an inch from the hole so our
guests and other Mistress's can see my crap going into your mouth.
They might even get down on their knees so they can watch you real
close. Once you get a mouthful, you will bite it off and start
chewing. I can't watch you, so I am trusting you to chew it ten times
and you needn't show me your mouth. Of course, a Mistress will want
to see your mouth or a paying guest might, so I expect you to turn
around to them and show them. Now, do you have these new
"Yes Mistress."
Within fifteen minutes a Mistress brought a paying guest into
Mistress Johanna's office.
"Is this the girl you were telling us about?" the Mistress
"Yes, she's the one. Isn't she pretty? And a real toilet
mouth, too. She just told me my **** was delicious, so I thought it
was time to expand her field." Mistress Johanna hiked up her skirt and
pushed back in the chair.
Sarah was very embarrassed, this was something she did for her
Mistress in private, but she did as ordered and fell to her knees
right behind Johanna's *******.
"Would you like to watch, Ms. Ferguson? If you do, you may get
down on your knees too, so you can watch a real toilet mouth at her
"Can you **** now, Johanna?'
"You know I always want to show off my new girls. Watch all
you want, but no touching.
She's all mine for the time being.''
"Get ready, sweetheart, here it comes," and Johanna's *******
opened up wider and wider until it's ring was against Sarah's mouth.
Slowly, Johanna pushed Sarah back and began to deliver the first of a
turd into her warm mouth. When it had pushed out an inch and a half,
Sarah bit it off and began to chew it. Within seconds, Ms. Ferguson
had dropped to her knees also so she could watch this nasty spectacle.
Ms. Ferguson watched the entire turd being bit off and chewed up by
Sarah in mouthful after mouthful. When Sarah had eaten the last of
the turd, she again placed her mouth over Mistress Johanna's *******
and began to lick it clean. Now this was somewhat difficult, because
Sarah's mouth was all brown and nasty too.
"That was the most erotic thing I have ever seen," Ms. Ferguson
said, getting to her feet. "Do you think it might be possible for me
to experience this same thing?"
"Not with Sarah, she is completely mine - for the time being
anyway," Mistress Johanna dropped her skirt back into place. "I'm
sure one of the other Mistress's won't mind offering you a personal
toilet for service."

From time to time over the next six months, Sarah was required
to service one of the other Mistress's in this fashion. Then finally
one day Mistress Johanna required Sarah to service a paying guest this
Then one day, Sarah made the mistake of pleading with her
Mistress for her to let Sarah
service more Mistress's - that Mistress Johanna was not letting her
have enough. Johanna hit the roof, tied Sarah up and led her into a
gathering place for all the other Mistress's. Leaving her tied up,
she left the room and was back within fifteen minutes, but not alone.
With her were five other Mistress's.
"Little girl, now you are going to pay for that last request
you asked of me. See these five Mistress's? You are going to have
to eat all their **** and do it without throwing up. Do you hear me?"
"Mistress, please Mistress, I can't eat all that much. Please
have mercy on me," Sarah
begged as she fell on her knees and tried to reason with her Mistress.
"Oh, yes you will! I will see to it, you ungrateful ****,
you!" Mistress Johanna slapped her.
"Which of you ladies is first? I want to start this *****'s
punishment right now."
Immediately, one of the other Mistress's came over, hiked up
her skirt and began to deposit a fat seven inch turd.
"Now eat that! You wanted more ****, now you've got it,"
Mistress Johanna angrily exploded.
Sarah did start, it was no problem for her to eat this much,
it was quite easy.
"Who's next? Get over here and give her another turd to eat."
Sarah recoiled from the amount of **** she was having to eat.
When she had finished the fourth turd, her stomach was rolling around
and she wanted to throw it all up. Slower and slower her jaws worked,
and by the time she had finished the fifth one, she was really really
sick from eating so much.
"You're not through yet, Miss fancy pants. Those five ladies
gave you about four pounds of ****, but you still haven't finished."
"Please forgive me, Mistress. I was so wrong to ask you for
"I'll make you wish you had never asked me in the first place.
Now I want you to **** for us. Yes, that's it, squat right down and
put it on your own plate. That's it, now start crapping. I hope you
have a lot. These nice ladies and I have never had to do this to such
an ungrateful ***** before, so we are really going to teach you a
lesson. Is that all you can ****? Strain hard, push real hard and
empty your bowels out for us. That's it, push real hard. Damn, you
do have a lot, don't you? I suppose with you eating mine every day,
you would have a lot to give. Is that it?"
Sarah nodded.
"All right. I want you to take your plate with that enormous
ten inch turd over to the mirror. Go on, before I start flaying your
ungrateful ***. Now set it down in front of that mirror. Do you know
what is coming? I'm going to make you eat your own ****, right in
front of that mirror. I warn you, don't you dare take your eyes off
that slutty *****/**** in the mirror."
Tears were beginning to roll down Sarah's face.
"Pick it up and start eating your own ****! Your very own
****! Think you will like it? Well, that ***** in than mirror should
know better than what she wanted in the first place."
Sarah gingerly picked up her own **** and raised it to her
mouth. "Mistress, I'm getting sick."
"I don't care." Mistress Johanna flicked a switch at Sarah's
At once, Sarah bit off a big mouthful. Her face screwed up
worse than ever. She was in turmoil. Just to watch herself eating
her own **** was very, very embarrassing, but her stomach was
revolting. She really expected to throw up at any minute. The faster
she ate, the faster relief would be coming, or so she felt. So
mouthful after mouthful she bit off and went through the ritual of ten
chews before swallowing it. Finally, after eight bites, she was
finished and she hung her head in shame as her stomach was doing
"Think you have had enough, *****? I hope so because you are
starting to look real sick now. It serves you right. You rush off
into the bathroom and throw up. I think you will throw up for a long
With that permission, Sarah turned and ran off into the big
bathroom and hung her head over the stool. Again and again she
retched. She threw up for at least an hour. She was retching when
she no longer had anything to throw up.


"Sarah, it is time now for you to take your place here as one
of the Mistress's, one
of the minor Mistress's, but as a Mistress. You will be able to teach
your own little girls now, and to eat YOUR **** if you like."
Mistress Johanna sat down beside Sarah.
"But I don't want to be a Mistress, I want to remain your
toilet," Sarah whimpered.
"You can't do that now. I have a little redhead, she's only
fifteen and I want to train her to be my little toilet mouth girl.
You see, Sarah, I did keep you much longer than I've kept any girl up
till this time. I normally don't keep any girl for longer than six
months, but you were so pretty, I just couldn't help myself, I really
enjoyed you."
Sarah began to cry and Mistress Johanna pulled her into her
arms. "Sarah, there is one thing I think you should know. Once the
girl starts cooperating with us, she really enjoys the taste of ****,
then the fun for most of us is over. It is the forcing of a girl that
we enjoy, to really force her to do this distasteful thing over and
over, like we had you subjected to, remember? All of us very much
enjoyed making you provide this entertairment for us. It was
"I don't want to be a Mistress, I don't want to force another
girl to do this. Can't I have your's once in awhile?"
Mistress Johanna shook her head no. "You wouldn't want to have
me miss my fun, would you?"
"Oh, but please, Mistress," Sarah begged.
"I'm sorry, Sarah, but that is the way we do things around here
..... but what about me selling you to one of my paying guests? Would
you like that?"
"Would she want a toilet girl?"
"Do you remember Ms. Ferguson? She was that lady that dropped
to her knees right beside you that first day you spent in my office.
Do you remember her?"
Sarah shook her head yes.
"I'll call her up and ask her if she's interested in you, that
you don't want to be a Mistress, all you want to do is be a toilet
girl. What about it?"
Sarah's face brightened.
"I'll call her up for you." Mistress Johanna stood and picked
up the phone. Mistress Johanna and Ms. Ferguson talked for a good
long time, and finally she hung up and turned back to Sarah with a
crooked little smile on her face. "Sarah dear, I think we have found
a home for you. That is, if you want to go. But I must tell you here
and now, she has a set of twin girls, age 14. A couple of times she
has brought these twins up here and they have enjoyed our slaves as
much as their mother did. Now I must warn you, you might be expected
to eat all three of their **** each and every day and you also will be
subjected to **** as well. I just don't know if you will be able to
eat that much or drink that much day in and day out. That will be
quite a lot to eat and drink. I must ask you right now, do you think
you can eat and drink that much, because I think I know you will be
required to service them every day, all of them, for at least the
first few weeks. The girls will just hold it back when they are in
school so that they can hurry home and use you. Think about this for
a moment before you give me your answer. Then I will call Ms.
Ferguson back and give her your answer."
Sarah thought several moments, then started squirming around
on the couch.
"Have you reached your decision yet?"
"Yes, I have reached my decision."
"Well, what is it, Ms. Ferguson is waiting."
"My answer is YES! I will service all three completely. I
will be their toilet bowl!"
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