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Questionable Motives Part - 2

Amy Banks may have been only six years old, but she was a very intelligent child. A few days ago, she had been molested by a woman called Paula Wild and who lived a couple of houses away, and the preteen had loved the wonderful feelings that her little **** had produced. Although she had been ************ before she met Paula, the woman was able to give her delicious feelings that the child just couldn’t reproduce with her fingers.

She had thought long and hard about how she could get time away from her mother and go to Paula’s home for more sex play, and the little girl was sensible enough to know that she just had to be patient.

Amy had an eighteen month old brother and when he was having a particularly difficult day and really testing her mother, Amy knew it was time to make her move.

“Mom,” she began, speaking in between her brothers bawls and screams, “Paula Wild asked me if I would like to help her tidy up her yard and she would pay me two dollars. Would that be okay?”

Her mother was already stressed looking after the baby and her mind was more on all of the chores she still had to do. She heard what Amy had said though, and the idea of getting her daughter out from under her feet would definitely let her get on quicker. As Paula was a friend of hers, she was happy to let her daughter go, but she replied, “I guess that would be okay honey, but let me phone Paula first and make sure that she’s not busy.”

Amy hopped impatiently from foot to foot as she stood beside her mother and listened to the telephone conversation. She could only hear one side of it of course and she was always slightly afraid when Paula and her mother spoke together in case Paula let slip what a dirty little girl Amy could be. The preteen was much too young to know that it was Paula’s heart that was clutched in icy fingers every time Amy’s mother spoke to her.

Eventually the phone call ended and her mother smiled at the little girl as she said, “Paula says that would be okay Amy and you can go down whenever you want.”

The six year old was nearly out of the house before her mother had finished speaking, and the woman had to raise her voice to shout after her, “You be a good girl and do what Paula tells you.”

“I will Mom,” Amy called back, and a small shiver went through her young body as the gorgeous slit between her legs began to juice up.

The six year old walked slowly down the street towards Paula’s house and her mind replayed every perverted act that had happened to her the last time she had visited. The more she thought about it, the more aroused she became, and by the time she was standing outside Paula’s frond door and pressing the bell, she could feel the wet stain in her panties.

She didn’t have long to wait because the door was opened quickly and Paula grinned as she said, “Hi Amy.”

The little girl returned the grin and Paula continued, “Come in. I’ve just made some cookies and you can help me eat them.”

She closed the door and made sure it was locked before leading Amy through to the kitchen. There was a plate of freshly baked cookies on the table and Paula poured out two glasses of milk. Amy had a slightly surprised expression on her face as she bit into the cookie and when Paula noticed it, she asked, “Is something wrong Amy?”

The preteen shrugged her shoulders and shook her head as she replied, “I thought you were kidding about the cookies. I thought you would just **** me!”

Paula’s knees suddenly felt very weak and she sat down on a chair as her heart raced inside her chest. Her mouth became very dry, and it had nothing to do with the cookies, so she gulped down a couple of mouthfuls of milk. Although she knew that Amy enjoyed being molested, Paula was still very unsure and wary about starting any form of contact. She had desperately hoped that Amy had instigated this meeting to carry on where they had left off a few days ago, but was unprepared for the child being so at ease with the situation.

“Is that what you want Amy?” she asked huskily.

The little girl immediately nodded her head and said, “Uh huh!”

Paula grinned as she felt the familiar sensation between her legs as she became more aroused, and she said, “Tell me what you want me to do to you Amy.”

Amy swallowed the last of her cookie and looked into Paula’s eyes without the slightest embarrassment as she replied, “I want you to lick my **** and to stick your fingers in me like you did last time! I want you to make me ***!”

Paula opened her knees and Amy watched as she rubbed her panty covered **** and wished that she could do that too. When she had got up this morning, Amy had chosen to wear a pair of pink cotton panties, denim trousers and a white tee-shirt covered with little hearts. It was much later in the day that she had thought up the excuse of coming to Paula’s house, and having told her mother that she was cleaning up the yard, the preteen had no plausible reason to change into a skirt.

She bitterly regretted that decision, but her thoughts were interrupted when Paula said, “Is there anything else you want me to do to you? I think you told me something the last time, but I can’t remember what it was.”

That was a complete lie of course and Paula was sure that she could quote what the child had said word for word, but again, she wanted Amy to feel like she was in charge.

The preteen shuffled her feet on the floor because she remembered exactly what she had said, but it involved the little girl’s darkest secret. She had trusted Paula with it before however, and now she decided to do it again.

Looking up into the woman’s face, Amy said quietly, “I want you to play with my poop hole, and you said that you would lick it like you lick my ****!”

Paula moaned softly as she pressed her fingers harder against her covered **** hole, and she replied, “That’s right. I did say that, didn’t I?”

When the six year old nodded her head vigorously, Paula held out her hand and said, “Well, if you’re finished your cookie, why don’t we go into my bedroom and I can play with that delicious little body of yours.”

Chewing on her bottom lip for no more than a couple of seconds, Amy gulped down the last of her milk and then happily followed Paula into the bedroom.

Paula sat down on the edge of the bed and crooked her finger at the child. When Amy came forward, Paula unfastened the pink belt that was around the waistband of the preteen’s denims and she eased them over her hips. As soon as the denims fell around Amy’s ankles, the little girl eagerly kicked them to the side and stood with her legs apart. She didn’t know if Paula wanted to finger her, but if she did, Amy wanted to make it as easy as possible.

The woman was in no rush however and she wanted to savour and prolong every second of this forbidden act of depravity.

Paula’s eyes were shining with lust as she stared at the wet, oval stain in Amy’s underwear and her hands trembled slightly as she gripped the tee-shirt and eased it over the little girl’s head. Amy’s chest was completely flat, except for the hard and tight little pink nipples and the sight made Paula’s mouth water. Sliding her hands under Amy’s arms, she effortlessly lifted the little girl onto her back on the bed, and stood up to stare down at the gorgeous sight.

Amy was quite happy to relax back on the bed, with her legs open and watch as Paula ******** down to her bra and panties. The bed creaked slightly when the older woman lay down next to the little girl, and Amy sighed when Paula softly ran her fingers over her chest and onto her nipples. The teats were rock hard and Amy moaned louder when Paula gently tweaked the sensitive flesh.

The exquisite sensation from her nipple seemed to shoot straight to Amy’s **** and it took a tremendous effort of willpower for the preteen not to push her hand into her panties and up her ****. Somehow she resisted however, but she couldn’t help but cry out when Paula lowered her head and gently kissed her nipples. First one, and then the other.

Amy had been playing with herself for months, but nothing she could do to herself felt as good as somebody else touching her. Her breathing was shallow and rapid as the woman’s kisses changed to licks and the child’s nipples felt like they were on fire. She was becoming more and more aroused as she was stimulated and Paula’s nose was twitching as the scent of wet six year old **** entered her nostrils.

Keeping her lips on Amy’s nipples, the woman’s hand moved down to stroke the preteen’s inner thighs and the little girl’s legs opened even wider. Paula’s fingers lightly ran up and down Amy’s thighs, getting closer and closer to her burning crotch, but never quite touching it. The preteen was on fire by now and her butt first writhed about on the bed, and then lifted up as she arched her back and tried to throw her sex mound into the woman’s hand.

Amy was gasping with lust and moaning with frustration at the same time, and she almost climaxed when Paula eventually took pity on her and cupped her crotch. She squeezed and caressed the swollen mound, feeling the heat radiating out of Amy’s slit and also feeling the wetness of her panties.

Straightening two fingers, the woman rubbed them along the outline of Amy’s **** making the preteen squirm and moan continually. She gradually increased the pressure and could feel that Amy’s hole had opened up beneath the cotton material. She could feel the little hard bud at the top of the six year olds slit and when she rubbed right on top of it, Amy cried out and ground her immature **** onto Pula’s fingers. Seconds later, the preteen was shuddering uncontrollably

Her childish gasps and pants of pleasure were like music to Paula’s ears, and when she removed her fingers to let the preteen recover, she lowered her head to press her nose into the wet stain on her panties and inhaled deeply.

The scent of the little girl’s **** was simple indescribable and intoxicating. Every time she inhaled, more of Amy’s sex smell was pulled into her nose and Paula moaned and groaned as her own hole drooled into her underwear. She cast her eyes upward to see that the preteen had recovered from her *** and was watching her closely. With great reluctance, the woman lifted her head up and asked, “Was that a good ***?”

Amy grinned as she nodded her head, and she gasped softly when the woman’s fingers lightly brushed over the wet stain in her panties. The child didn’t quite understand why Paula didn’t just pull down her little pink panties and use her ****, but providing she was getting that lovely feeling between her legs, Amy was happy to let her take her time.

When Paula pressed a little harder and right on top of her hard little ****, Amy jerked and gasped at the amazing sensations shooting through her body. Despite her recent ******, the child was more than ready to *** again and she opened her legs wide.

The woman loved the preteen’s wanton display, and she hissed, “Oooohh, you’re a dirty little girl, aren’t you?”

Amy nodded her head in agreement, and then giggled delightfully when Paula added, “Dirty and juicy. Just like a little **** should be!”

The six year olds panties were plastered to her sticky crotch and Amy’s breathing quickened as she felt Paula’s long fingers move to the leg hole and slide along the material that was around her thighs. Finding that the leg hole was pretty loose, the woman had no trouble in sliding her fingers under the edge of the gusset.

Amy’s skin was hot to the touch and the woman could feel how swollen the child’s sex mound was. As if that wasn’t enough to indicate Amy’s arousal, the preteen’s slit was gaping open and bubbling with her juices. Paula only knew this by touch of course and although she was certain that she would soon have Amy’s panties off and her mouth on the child’s **** hole, the woman was determined to take her time and enjoy every second of abusing the girl.

Her thumb rubbed gently up and down Amy’s wet ****, but carefully avoided her hard **** for now. As her thumb worked on her front hole, Paula’s fingers pushed into the preteens butt crack and onto her little *******. Amy moaned at the touch and her butt came up from the bed to push her crotch harder against the probing fingers

The woman smiled at Amy’s shameless display, and she whispered softly, “What a gorgeous little **** you are Amy!”

She then said in a more normal voice, “Do you like that Amy? Do you like me touching your *******?”

“Uh huh,” the child responded instantly. “If feels good when you press on it!”

Amy’s **** had been oozing with her juices and when she was on her back on the bed, all of the slime had flowed between her butt cheeks and over her back hole. Paula could feel the slime under her fingers and when she heard what Amy said, she increased the pressure of her index finger and the preteen gasped loudly when the tip of the finger popped into her **** tube. Afraid that she might be hurting the child, Paula stopped pushing, but Amy’s butt began to buck and force the finger into the first knuckle.

Paula now had her finger in Amy’s ******* and her thumb in her ****. She could definitely get her off like this, but the horny woman couldn’t resist any longer and she wanted to see, as well as touch, Amy’s body.

With great reluctance, Paula pulled her hand out of the little girl’s panties, and Amy groaned in disappointment and she had a pleading expression on her face as she looked into the woman’s eyes. The child had felt the wonderful tingling begin again deep in her ****, and now it had stopped again.

Knowing exactly what was going through Amy’s mind, Paula laughed softly as she said, “It’s okay honey, I just want to get your panties off so I can see your ****!”

That made a lot of sense to the preteen, so she arched her back high in the air so that Paula could pull the stained panties over her butt, and then lifted up her feet so that they could be removed. Once Paula had the wet and sticky panties in her hand, she couldn’t resist bring them to her nose and inhaling deeply. Although Amy didn’t understand why she would do that when her **** was now right in front of her, the little girl was content to let Paula do what she wanted. The child knew that Paula was going to make her *** again, and that was all that mattered.

While the powerful scent of Amy’s dirty panties was being pulled into her nose, Paula’s eyes were locked onto the child’s **** hole. The preteen had settled back down onto the bed and her legs were wide open in an invitation for the woman to do whatever she wanted to her.

Paula had never had the chance to closely study a six year old **** before, but she was willing to bet that not many girls of that age had a **** hole like Amy’s. The pink slit was swollen open and there was so much juice bubbling out of the hole that her entire crotch was wet and sticky. The inside of her **** tube was a deeper pink and when Paula reached down with a stiffened finger, the preteen moaned softly and her **** flexed and seemed to pull the finger into her body.

In a reversal of her previous position, Paula turned her wrist so that the finger remained in the little girl’s ****, and her thumb was now pressing gently on Amy’s *******. For a moment, Paula considered changing the position because she thought that something the thickness of her thumb would be too much for the child’s **** hole, but she then thought that there was only one way to find out.

Her thumb pressed harder and moved in tiny circles right on top of Amy’s back hole. Gradually just the tip wormed its way inside and the little girl immediately started to groan and her butt danced on the thumb.

“Do you like having my thumb in your ******* Amy?” Paula asked, as she pushed it slightly deeper.

“I like it!” Amy cried.”I like it!”

“Ooohh, you’re a good little ****, aren’t you,” the woman gasped before she took a deep breath and pushed her thumb as deep into the little girls **** tube as she could get it.

Amy cried out, but it wasn’t in pain. The preteen started writhing on the finger and thumb that were in her **** holes and Paula could see from the glazed expression on her face that the child was working towards another ******.

"Are you going to come for me?" Paula asked, as she watched Amy’s chest rise and fall rapidly.

The preteen could feel the marvellous tingling feeling intensify and her fingers and toes all curled into tight little balls. She wanted to answer the woman’s question. She wanted to shout and scream that she was about to *** again, and although her mouth opened, nothing came out.

“*** for me baby,” Paula whispered to herself. “*** for me you gorgeous little ******* ****!”

The woman’s heart was beating wildly and her panties were absolutely soaked with her juices. She knew that she would ********** for hours later on, but for now she just couldn’t get enough of what the six year old girl had between her legs.

Paula’s finger and thumb slid in and out of both holes at the same time and Amy was gasping for breath as she was stimulated. The tingly feeling deep in her **** just kept on getting stronger and stronger until she felt she couldn’t take any more. Her body was writhing on the bed and suddenly she became as stiff as a board for a few seconds.

The muscles in her **** and ******* clamped down on Paula’s fingers, and then the child began to shudder and her holes went into spasm as she climaxed. She cried out while Paula’s fingers flashed faster and faster in her **** holes and held her in climax for what seemed like hours to the child. The waves of pleasure flowed through her tender flesh one after another and her little pink nipples were so hard that they were starting to hurt.

Only when her shaking had begun to lessen did the woman pull her fingers out of the preteen’s body and she sucked on them happily while she waited for Amy to recover.

That last climax completely drained the little girl, and Amy rolled onto her side and drew her legs up. Her back was towards Paula, and whether this position was deliberate or not, it perfectly framed her freshly ****** **** between her thighs, and girl *** was slowly oozing out of her hole and running over her butt cheek and onto the bedcovers.

She moaned softly when the woman’s hand rested on the top *** cheek and gently pulled it open. The six year old ******* that was now exposed was flushed pink and closed, but it had that freshly used look from being fingered. Dropping to her knees at the side of the bed, Paula bent her face forward and her tongue made a feather light touch on the child’s back hole. Amy moaned softly again, but that didn’t stop her pulling her knees tighter against her flat chest and opening up her *** crack even more.

Paula’s tongue seemed to be everywhere at the same time as it flicked between the six year olds **** and *******. The juices oozing out of Amy’s **** tube were unbelievably sweet and the taste of her back hole was awesome. Paula had licked her girlfriends ******** many times before, but the preteen’s tasted completely different, earthy and tangy, but somehow buttery at the same time.

The little girl was moaning continually as Paula’s tongue investigated every curve, dip and hole between her legs, and she sighed happily when the woman stiffened her tongue and probed her *******. The pressure of the tongue felt wonderful and Amy would have loved nothing better than to feel it slide deep into her bowels. Unfortunately, Paula’s tongue was too short, and Amy’s **** tube was too tight for that to happen.

Over the years, Paula had owned various ****** and vibrators, but she had gradually reduced her **** toys to four. She had a strap-on **** because some of her friends were more bi-sexual than lesbians and they liked something **** sized ******* their *****, a large black ***** that was her personal ************ favourite, a smaller **** shaped vibrator and a slim pink vibrator that was designed for anal stimulation.

It was obvious that Amy was too young to be able to take any of the first three, but Paula thought that the little anal one would be just right. After receiving Amy’s mother’s phone call to say that the little girl was coming over, the woman had put fresh batteries in it and the toy was now stashed under one of the pillows.

As her back was towards the woman, Amy didn’t see her reach under a pillow and pull out the thin vibrator. She did feel it touch her little **** however, and at the same moment, Paula whispered, “I’ve got a surprise for you baby!”

The preteens eyes opened and she lifted her top leg high in the air to look down between her legs. She saw the sex toy that was touching her flesh, and then groaned loudly as the woman began to push it up her six year old ****.

Amy had used a lot of things to ********** with in her young life and taking something up her **** tube was nothing unusual for her. Some of the things she used were better than others, but Amy quickly realised that the pink plastic thing that Paula was using was one of the best. It was long enough to go as deep as she wanted, thick enough as to be just right for a six year old **** hole and so silky smooth that there was nothing to hurt or scratch her.

She was just about to ask the woman what the pink toy was, when Paula asked, “Does that feel nice Amy?”

“Uh huh,” the little girl replied huskily. “It feels good.”

Paula slid the toy in and out of Amy’s **** a few times, noticing that the surface was now shining with her slime, before she said, “I think I can make it feel better Amy!”

As she spoke, she thumbed the dial on the end if the *****, and Amy cried out in surprise and then giggled as she felt the strong vibrations radiated through her ****. The giggling didn’t last long however, because the familiar fuzzy sensation between her legs soon had her breathing rapidly as it escalated.

From the preteens body language it was clear that she was building up to another ***, and Paula didn’t want that just yet. She wasn’t sure how much of this stimulation Amy could take before she was exhausted but she thought that another big climax would probably finish her, at least for the afternoon.

She therefore eased the sex toy out of the little girl’s ****, and Amy looked over her shoulder at the woman as she cried out in disappointment and frustration. Paula almost laughed at the confused expression on the girl’s face, but she managed to keep her face straight as she said, “Relax Amy. We’re not finished yet!”

The woman was still holding the buzzing toy in her hand, and she now moved the sticky tip onto the preteen’s little *******. Just for a second, Amy’s body stiffened at the touch, but then she relaxed and waited for what she was sure was going to happen.

The pressure increased slightly and the tapered tip of the vibrator opened up her little **** hole and poked inside. The **** slime made the penetration much easier and the little girl groaned as her eyes closed while she savoured the most exquisite feeling of having a vibrator up her *******.

Twisting it back and forth, Paula maintained the pressure and millimetre after millimetre of the pink plastic wormed into Amy’s bowels. The deeper it went, the louder the little girls moans and groans became, but she didn’t show the slightest sign of discomfort.

When only about two inches remained outside her body, Paula took her hand away and the throbbing toy stayed exactly where it was. Grinning at the erotic sight, she then lifted Amy’s top leg high in the air and moved her mouth onto the preteen’s open and very wet ****.

Amy was in another world as the vibrations radiated through her body and seemed to find and stimulate every nerve she had. Those nerves fired little jolts of electricity straight into the pleasure centre of her brain and although the child was fully conscious, she was both unable and unwilling to move. She just wanted these sensations to continue forever.

She felt Paula’s mouth on her little ****, and also felt her tongue push into her **** tube, but as that just added to the feelings of ecstasy in her flesh, she didn’t react except for an almost inaudible moan. The vibrator felt wonderful, although it probably wouldn’t have made her ***, but Paula’s mouth was definitely going to do it and Amy’s heart was hammering inside her chest and nostrils were flared open as her breathing rate increased.

The **** juices were bubbling and frothing around Paula’s tongue and she swallowed as much of the slime as she could get. She could feel the preteen’s body trembling and she knew that it had nothing to do with the vibrating *****. Amy was about to *** again!

The woman was holding one of Amy’s legs straight up in the air as the child lay on her side on the bed. This allowed her to get her tongue fully up the six year old girl’s ****, and at the same time, the fingers of her other hand closed around the end of the sex toy again and she pumped it in and out of the little girls *******.

There was so much stimulation to her body, that everything seemed to mix together and Amy felt like she was floating in the air. She was moaning loudly, but she wasn’t aware of it and every sense she had was completely focused on her two **** holes.

She loved and craved the gorgeous sensation of a ***, and up until now she didn’t think that anything could be better. The feelings that the vibrating toy deep in her ******* added to her enjoyment was indescribable however and the preteen was consumed by them.

She knew that she was going to climax, and she knew instinctively that it was going to be the best one ever!

Although her eyes were closed, she could see brightly coloured lights that flashed in complicated patterns and then her body shook violently, as if she were having some kind of seizure. She wanted to scream, and maybe she did, but she couldn’t be sure. She writhed on the bed, out of her mind with pleasure as her toes clawed at the air, and her hands balled into tight little fists.

Her uncontrolled movements forced Paula’s tongue out of her **** and the woman sat back on her heels as she watched Amy’s ******* spasm around vibrator and her swollen **** flutter and tremble as her muscles worked inside her tube. Massive jolts of intense happiness and delight shot through her young body and the child was completely unaware that Paula was also shuddering as she came in her panties without even touching herself.

By the time Amy’s ****** had finished, the little girl was almost unconscious on the bed and only the rapid rise and fall of her chest indicated that she was alive. She did moan very softly when Paula eased the vibrator out of her ******* and the bedroom suddenly became very quiet when she switched it off. The preteen girl was curled back into a foetal position and as Paula gazed down between her legs, a small drop of girl *** ran out of her **** and over her butt cheek. The woman scooped it up with her finger and sucked it into her mouth, but Amy didn’t feel the touch. Gradually, the child’s breathing returned to normal and she was so exhausted that she then drifted off to sleep.

Paula stood up on shaky legs and looked down at the preteen’s abused **** holes. They were both red and swollen and anybody seeing them would know immediately that the six year old girl had been used. Not for the first time, Paula was filled with a sense of dread as she contemplated what the rest of her life would be like spent behind bars in some maximum security facility.

She got a face cloth from the bathroom and rinsed it through with warm water before she went back into the bedroom. She cleaned Amy up between her legs, washing away all traces of her **** juices before drying her off. Her movements woke Amy up, and the little girl rolled onto her back and smiled up at Paula.

The smile widened to grin as she said, “That was the best one ever. I love that buzzy thing in my **** and my *******.”

As she spoke, her eyes travelled over to the nightstand where the vibrator was now lying. Paula knew where she was looking and for a few seconds, was tempted to tell the preteen that she could have it. That few seconds was all it took for the woman to realise what a bad idea that was. She was sure that Amy would try her best to hide it in her bedroom somewhere, but mothers had an annoying habit of looking through their daughter’s room regularly. There was also the possibility that one of Amy’s parents would walk past her bedroom door and decide to investigate what was making the strange buzzing noise.

The inevitable questions and investigation of where a six year old girl would get an anal vibrator would soon prove too much for Amy, and yet again the metal image of a maximum security facility came into Paula’s mind.

Regretfully, she could only say, “You can use the vibrator whenever you want to Amy, but it has to stay here, okay?”

That wasn’t too bad and the preteen nodded her head and was already planning her next visit.

o0o The End o0o
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