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( Group sex / **** )

The Daystrom Institute was a government-funded body with the official remit of developing drugs and vaccines, and, in general, to further medical research. The unofficial remit, was the secret development of gasses, drugs and toxins that could be used in armed conflicts throughout the world. Of course this contravened almost every treaty that had been signed since the end of World War II, and therefore the secrecy surrounding this plant was immense.

Martin Timmins had recently been appointed as CEO of this organisation and reported directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the White House. He had attended meetings all week with his head scientists to bring him up to speed on their operations and now, on Friday afternoon, he was glad that they were all over.
The intercom buzzed and Jane, his secretary, informed him that his security chief, Ted Watson, and some scientists were waiting for him in the conference room.

“What now?” he muttered, making his way across the passage.

He entered the room to find Ted already sitting at the conference table together with five scientists, that he had never met before. They were all dressed in the typical white coats. Ted made the introductions and Martin had already forgotten most of their names as he sat at the head of the table. The only name that stuck in his memory was that of the only woman in the room. Julia Hunt was 36 years old and a graduate of Harvard. Her 36C – 23 – 34 figure was kept tight by frequent visits to the gym and her long blonde hair was in a high ponytail.

Martin looked her over as he asked, “What’s this all about Ted? I thought we had finished all the briefings.”

“Yeah, well all except one sir,” his security chief replied. “We have one other product under development, code named XXX41. Highest possible security rating. No other person inside these walls even knows of its existence. This,” he continued, waving his hand at the five scientists, “Is the development team.”

“Ok,” he replied slowly nodding his head and sitting back in his chair. “So what’s XXX41 all about?”

“It’s a sex drug,” Julia replied calmly. “An airborne gas that once inhaled has an almost instantaneous effect on the body’s nervous system and the part of the brain that reacts to pheromones.”

“You mean that you guys are developing some form of aphrodisiac. So why the security rating? What does Uncle Sam get out of this?” he replied sitting up straight in his chair.

“It’s hardly just an aphrodisiac,” Julia snapped. “TripleX 41 is over a million times more effective than any aphrodisiac known. Once the gas enters your system, you have to have sex. Nothing else matters, and you will continue to want sex until the gas dissipates out your system. What Uncle Sam gets out of this, is a non-lethal way to immobilise an opposing force. It’s hard to get your army to fight when they’re overcome with lust.”

Martin stared at her for a few seconds, and then grinned. “You’re joking right? There’s no such thing as a sex drug.”

“Actually there is sir, and we’ve got it,” she replied.

She lifted her briefcase on to the table and took out a small aerosol spray and an even smaller bottle of pills. “This is XXX41,” she said picking up the spray. “And these pills are the antidote. You swallow one of those and the molecules in the gas are neutralised as they enter your body. In effect you become immune to the gas for a short time.”

Martin took the spray in his hand and looked around the table. There was no trace of a smile or amusement on any of their faces. They were serious, he realised. This was no joke.

“Have you tested this stuff?” he asked.

A few of the scientists shifted uncomfortably in their seats and no one would make eye contact with him.

“What am I missing here people?” he asked. “Have you tested it or not?”

Julia’s face coloured red as she raised her head to look at him. “Well, a couple of days ago we had a problem with one of our containment seals in the lab.”

Martin looked at Ted who quickly explained, “Emergency ventilation kicked in within seconds and vented the air in the lab to atmosphere. There was so little of the XXX41 that it dissipated without any problems.”

Julia nodded and continued, “But we all got a dose of the gas before it was extracted.”

“And,” Martin prompted.

“Well, this is rather embarrassing, you know,” Julia said quietly.

One of the scientists lifted his head and said, “We all tore our clothes off and screwed. Julia took us all on. She was terrific.”

“Yes, thank you Jeffery,” Julia said coldly. “I wasn’t going to be quite so graph in my explanation.”

She turned back to Martin and continued, “But to answer your question sir. Yes, we have tested it, and yes it does work.”

Martin sat back and whistled through his teeth. He was imagining what this would mean to the armed forces, and trying not to picture Julia taking on four men at once.

“Okay people,” he said business like sitting forward in his seat again. “We have to conduct a rather more scientific test that your own sexual adventures and I also want our testing facility in Pasadena to help. Julia I want you to accompany me to Pasadena with a sample of XXX41 and I want your lab converted to a test centre so your team can begin tests here.”

As the all made to rise he said, “One more thing. Before I bring this to the attention of the joint chiefs I need to see some proof of its effectiveness.”

“I don’t want you to organise another ****,” he continued, smiling at their discomfort, “but I’m the one that has to report to these guys and I need to be sure of my facts.”

Julia turned to her team and said, “Get back to the lab and start making preparations for the conversion. I need a few moments with the director.”

They all trouped out and Julia sat back down in her seat.
“We need extra funding for these tests. You need to go in front of the joint chiefs and tell them what we’ve got,” she said.

“Not until I’m sure Julia. I know you are anxious to push this forward, but it’s my neck that gets chopped if I report to early and the dam stuff doesn’t work.”

“Okay,” said Julia. “I’ll prove it to you. You’ve been here for a few weeks, who have you fantasised about?”

“”I haven’t fantasised about anyone,” he said staring at her.

“Oh come on. Don’t by coy. I know you men when you get to talking around the water cooler or at lunch. Who's the current office fantasy. Come on, be honest.”

“Well,” Martin replied reluctantly, “I’ve heard a few of the guys talking about Stacy.”

“What, the clerk? You dirty buggers, she can’t be much more than seventeen,” she said shaking her head. “Okay call her in.”

“Julia, I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“Call her in,” she repeated.

Martin sighed and reached for the intercom. “Jane, tell Stacy to come to the conference room please.” he said.

“Right,” said Julia removing the top from the pill bottle and shaking two out. “Swallow.”

They both downed one of the pills and she flipped up the safety cover on the aerosol and pressed the button. A sweet, almost honey smell invaded his nostrils just as there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” he shouted.

Stacy entered and closed the door behind her. She walked up to the table and said, “You wanted to see me sir.”

“Yes,” Martin replied, unsure of what to say next.

The girl was dressed in a light blue blouse and a black skirt. As Martin watched her he could actually see her nipples become erect and push against the material of her lacy bra. Stacy was clearly uncomfortable standing there and she was rubbing her thighs together and her breathing was becoming heavier. As soft moan escaped her lips as her hand dropped to the front of her skirt and pressed on her pubic mound.

“Are you okay Stacy?” Martin asked.

“Yeah,” she replied somewhat uncertainly, and her other hand unconsciously cupped her breast and teased her nipple.

Her eyes closed and her fingers were openly rubbing at her sex and she cried, “God I need ******. I’m so ******* horny.”

This was as far as Julia was planning for the demonstration to go, but Stacy’s actions were turning her on much that she was becoming very aroused. Martin’s erect ***** was straining against his zip as he watched Stacy undo the buttons of her blouse and slip her hand inside her bra. The other hand had pushed her skirt up and she was openly ************ in front of them.

“Do you know where you are, Stacy,” Martin asked.

“Yeah, conference room,” she replied huskily. “Please **** me.

Martin watched the girl’s fingers flash in and out of her **** that was starting to drip its juices on the carpet. “What day is it Stacy?”

“Thursday,” the teenager gasped as she raised one foot slightly off the floor and crammed a forth finger into her saturated slit. “****, I need it. I need it now.”

She dragged Martin to his feet and unfastened his trousers. As they dropped to the floor she bent over and sucked his **** into her mouth.

“God,” he moaned as her warm mouth closed over his shaft and her tongue flicked at his **** hole.

Julia moved to kneel behind the horny teenager and as she pulled down her panties, the smell of the young girls soaking **** invaded her nostrils. She ran her tongue over Stacy’s slit and pulled the girls **** cream into her mouth. Stacy bent over further to give Julia better access and slowly swallowed Martin’s ***** until his balls were resting on her chin.

Julia’s fingers were jammed into her own sex and frantically rubbing her **** as the tongued Stacy from **** to *******.

Stacy lifted her head and licked at the long trails of her throat slime that connected her mouth with Martins **** and gasped, “I need a ***** inside me. I’ve got to get ******.”

She sat on the edge of the table and spread her legs wide. Her outer lips and pubic mound were swollen with lust and her sex was gapping open. The **** juice ran out of the pink interior and she used the fingers of both hands to pull her sex wide open.

“**** me,” she demanded. Get your ***** into my **** hole.”

She moaned loudly as Martin sank his shaft into her burning ****. Her arms went around his neck as she sat up. In this position, his **** was rasping against her erect **** as he stroked in and out.
Julia ******** off her lab coat and stepped out of her skirt and panties. She jumped on the table and stood between them with her legs apart facing Stacy. Julia pulled her *** cheeks apart and Stacy began tonguing at her sex and Martin rimmed her *******.

Martin’s tongue pushed into Julia’s **** hole as she relaxed her anal muscles and she pulled her **** lips apart to encourage Stacy to lap at her burning ****. She could feel her ****** approach, and, when Stacy sucked her **** into her mouth and lashed it with her tongue, the *** exploded inside her. Her body convulsed and shook with the waves of ecstasy racing through her, and her sphincter muscle opened and closed rapidly around Martin’s probing tongue. “Oh god, I’m creaming,” she moaned.

Stacy’s mouth was working frantically as she tried to lap up all the **** cream that was flowing from Julia’s hole and running down the inside of her legs. Julia pulled her weak body away from Stacy’s mouth and collapsed on the table.
Martin pushed Stacy onto her back and pulled her legs up over his shoulders. He withdrew his slimy ***** from her **** hole and guided it to the entrance of her *******.

She wriggled her butt and cried, “Get it up my *******. Come on baby, **** the **** out of me.”

He pushed deep in her bowels and began shafting her tight **** hole.
Julia had recovered enough to crawl over to the prone girl and sucked one of her nipples into her mouth. Her hand moved down the girl’s stomach until she reached the point where the couple were joined. Julia shivered as she felt Martin’s ***** stretch Stacy’s ******* and she moved back up to close her fingers around the young girl’s ****.

Stacy’s body thrashed on the table and her head tossed from side to side as Julia’s fingers hid their work.

“****. Oh **** keep going,” she moaned. “God I’m nearly there.”

Just as Julia felt the first spasm of the girl’s climax, she savagely pinched and twisted her ****, and clamped her down hard on her nipple. The ****** ripped through her body and Julia’s hand clamped down on Stacy’s mouth to stifle the scream that was forced from her lungs. As her body convulsed, the muscles in her tight **** hole spasmed around Martins ***** and milked the ***** from him.

“****, I’m spurting,” he gasped as his boiling hot ***** blasted deep in her bowels.

When he dropped her legs and pulled his **** from her *******, Julia lent forward and sucked him clean.

She looked up at him and smiled as he said, “Ok, I believe you. It works.”

The ventilation system in the conference room eventually cleared the air and Stacy, somewhat shakily stood up. She could remember everything they had done. She even remembered enjoying it – God did she enjoy it – she just couldn’t remember why she had wanted to **** so badly.

“Ah, Mr. Timmins, I don’t know what came over me. I don’t normally act like that.”

She was somewhat reassured when she noted that both Martin and Julia were smiling. “Do I still have a job?” she asked.

“Of course you Stacy,” Martin replied, “But let’s keep this between the three of us. Ok?”

Stacy nodded as she pulled on her wet panties and smoothed down her skirt. Julia helped her with her bra and blouse and a somewhat shaky and dishevelled teenager went back to work.

Martin and Julia collapsed back in their chairs. “Ok Julia,” he began. “Your formula obviously works but your antidote sucks.”

“The antidote works fine,” she replied. “If it didn’t, you’d be running about the admin office naked trying to **** anything that moved. What the antidote won’t do, is suppress your natural lust. In other words, if some female stands in front of you with her fingers jammed up her **** begging you to screw her, antidote or not, you’re going to get a hard-on.”

Martin nodded his understanding and they started to climb back into their clothes.

“The other factor,” Julia continued, “Is without the antidote you would still stay hard and horny even after you’ve just ***. No more rolling over and going to sleep. Your lust would immediately kick in and you would be in search of the next ****.”

“****,” said Martin. “Every woman’s dream.”

The next morning, Julia was shown into Martin’s office. She was dressed in a smart beige business jacket and skirt with her hair back in the ponytail. He passed over her plane tickets to Pasadena and said, “I’m going with you to the test centre. I want to see the centre set up properly before I report to the White House. Have you got the sample for the team down there?”

She pulled a small pouch from the pocket of her jacket and placed it on his desk.

“Is that all they’ll need?” he asked.

“It’s concentrated,” she replied “And if we keep it small, nothing will show up on the airport scanners. I assume that you haven’t applied for a permit to transport dangerous chemicals over state lines?”

He smiled back at her and nodded, “You assume right.”

The commercial airliner took off on time and they were soon at their cruising height with the seatbelt signs switched off.
The stewardess was pushing the heavy drinks trolley up the left-hand isle and Julia ordered vodka for them both. When she pulled the loose change from her pocket, the soft pouch fell to the floor. As the stewardess pulled the trolley past her seat, the sound of breaking glass drew her eyes to the floor. Her hand flew to her mouth and she turned urgently to Martin sitting next to her.

“What’s the problem?” he asked leaning over her seat to see what had broken. He saw the remains on the pouch and sat back down slowly and closed his eyes.

“Tell me that wasn’t the sample of XXX41,” he pleaded.

“Oh God,” she moaned.

That seemed to answer his question and he continued, “And the antidote pills would be where?”

“In my bag in the hold,” she moaned again.

Martin kept his eyes closed as a familiar honey like smell filled the cabin of the aircraft. He knew that aeroplanes flying at this height, recirculated air throughout the fuselage and no fresh air would enter the cabin until they dropped below pressurisation level. He felt his balls tighten and his ***** harden as lust filled his brain.

Martin stood up and looked around the plane. The scheduled flight was about half full and he muttered, “Welcome to the mile high club folks.”

Julia pulled down his zipper and wrapped her warm lips around his **** as it sprang free. All over the plane, people were squirming in their seats and rubbing at their sex as the drug was breathed into their bodies.

The stewardess who had unintentionally broken the glass vial was squatting on the floor of the aisle and had her panties pulled to the side. She had grabbed a half bottle of white wine and was ramming the bottle into her shaved *****. The front of her uniform was unbuttoned and one of her **** had been pulled out over the nametag that said Ann.

Martin watched as a tall black man stood in front of her and rubbed at the largest ***** he had ever seen. It was over 10 inches long, as thick as Martin’s wrist and shone like polished ebony. He picked Ann up from the floor and Martin heard him say, “I need some white **** baby.”

Ann pulled the bottle from her sex and licked at her thick **** cream that coated it. “You can get all the **** you want honey,” she replied, bending over one of the seats. “Get that black **** up my hole.”

The man pulled her knickers to the side and slid his shaft into Ann’s body. Martin watched as inch after inch was buried in her dripping ****. The black man began ******* her and Martin could see her juices glistening on his ***** as it pistoned in and out.

“**** me hard you bastard,” Ann shouted. “Make me ***. Please make me ***.”

An old man sitting across from Martin hadn’t been able to get a hard-on for years and he couldn’t believe that his rock hard **** was now sticking out in front of him. He was seventy eight years old and if his **** was going to respond for him one last time, he was determined to put it to good use. The man got up and walked down the aisle to where a girl was sucking on her brother’s ****. She looked about thirteen or fourteen and her young brother about twelve.

The young boy was moaning, “Oh yea Linda, that feels good. Suck me harder.”

One of her *** cheeks was raised off the seat, as her mouth worked on his ****, and her white knickers were tight over her little butt. The old man slipped his hand between the legs and felt the damp gusset of her panties. She extended her leg and raised it high to allow his callused fingers to enter her wet **** and finger **** her. He brought his fingers to his nose and inhaled her fragrance. It had been so long since he’d smelt fresh *****. He pulled her butt off the seat and pulled her knickers to the floor. Linda continued sucking on her brother’s ***** as she pulled one leg out of her panties and spread her legs. Her little hairless **** and her puckered ******* were totally exposed as the man stood behind her and pushed his shaft up her **** hole.

She pushed back at him and his old hairy balls were soon battering against her body. He pushed his thumb knuckle deep into her virgin ******* and massaged the inside of her bowels. The girl groaned and jerked her body as her first ****** raced through her body.

Beth, another stewardess, was in the small galley when the drug hit her. She drew back the curtain and stared straight into the open toilet door that was across the aisle. 12 year old Amy had just sat down when Beth walked over. She was naked from the waist down and her blouse had been ripped open. Her **** were just little buds but the nipples were rock hard and about half an inch long. She opened her legs as she began to pee and Beth sank to her knees in front of her.

“Stand up honey,” Beth said huskily.

Amy continued to **** as she got to her feet and Beth’s tongue danced over the nub of her little ****. Her tongue went deeper and directed the child’s sweet **** into her eager mouth. Beth swallowed as much of the natural Champaign as possible and the rest ran off her chin onto her blouse. When the flow slackened, she glued her lips over Amy’s **** and pushed her tongue deep into the child’s **** hole. Amy used her hands to brace herself on the small toilet walls as her pleasure built. “Oh yes. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it,” she moaned.

Beth’s hand was inside her knickers finger ******* her **** as she turned her attention to Amy’s little **** that was just starting to poke through its sheath. The girl’s eyes were tightly shut as she concentrated on the delicious feelings from between her legs. Amy felt the intensity of her pleasure build until her little body was shaking and her throbbing **** felt like it was on fire. As Beth sucked Amy’s **** into her mouth and danced the tip of her tongue over the slimy surface, the first major ****** of the young girl’s life exploded deep inside her. Her shuddering was so intense that the only thing that prevented her collapsing on the floor, were her hands were supporting most of her body weight.
She groaned and mumbled incoherently as her **** expelled thick **** cream into Beth’s waiting mouth.

After a few moments, Beth stood up and Amy sank her exhausted body back down on the toilet.
Beth turned towards the door and looked at the young couple standing there. The woman said, “Hi, my names Carol and I loved the way you sucked my daughter off. Did you enjoy it Amy?”

“God did I ever. It was awesome mum.” Amy replied.

Carol raised her skirt to show Amy her knickerless **** that was dripping ***** and asked, “Do you think you could do the same to me honey?”

“God yeah,” Amy replied and they all moved out of the cramped toilet into the aisle.

Carol stood with her legs open and legs apart and said to Beth, “This is my husband Tony and he’s had the hots for you since we got on the plane. Can he **** you?”

“God, I was hoping I wasn’t going to be left out,” Beth answered as she kicked off her sodden panties.

Tony sat on the arm of a seat with his legs in the aisle. Beth immediately turned with her back towards him and lowered her hot **** over his shaft. As she began bouncing her **** hole over his *****, she watched little Amy kneel between her mother’s legs and lick the ***** out of her front hole.
Amy had never tasted ***** before but she loved the feeling as it slipped down her throat.

Carol’s head snapped back as her daughter’s mouth made contact with her dripping ****. Amy’s young tongue lapped at the man cream dripping from her mothers **** hole and sucked at the erect **** that was standing proud of its sheath.

With all of the ***** now in Amy’s stomach, she began sucking and teasing Carol’s ****. She remembered her ecstasy when Beth sucked her **** into her mouth and copied her actions. It seamed natural to the young girl to flick her tongue over Carol’s **** and she knew her mother enjoyed it when she began panting and shouting, “God that’s good baby. Keep sucking my **** like that and I’ll cream all over your face.”

Amy raked her baby teeth over the sensitive surface of Carol’s **** and blasted her into orbit.
Carol grabbed her daughter’s head and pulled the little face into her sopping **** as her body shuddered in climax. “Oh ****. I’m ******* you little *****. Suck the cream out me as I *** over you,” she cried.

Beth was bouncing fast over the shaft in her **** hole and she pulled and squeezed at her sensitive **** as her ****** approached. Her climax raced through her as Tony groaned and cried, “**** I’m going to ***.”

As her body spasmed and trembled, she felt his hot liquid spurt into her **** and increase the intensity of her climax.
Carol pulled her battered **** away from her daughter’s mouth and collapsed on an adjacent seat as Beth’s breathing returned to normal and the muscle contractions slackened. She was aware that Tony’s ***** was still hard and looked over her shoulder into his smiling face.

“You ready for some more *******?” she asked.

When he nodded, she said to little Amy. “Want more ***** baby?”

As Amy nodded, Beth lifted her **** hole from Tony’s shaft and pulled it back to the entrance of her **** hole. She drove his slimy **** up her ******* and pulled her **** lips wide apart to show Amy her father’s thick ***** that was inside her. Amy fused her mouth over the woman’s sex as her father rammed his **** rod in and out of her bowels.

Carol sat back and fingered her slit as she watched her horny daughter at work. Amy’s face was covered with a mixture of ***** and **** juice as she slurped nosily at Beth’s front hole.
Beth’s ******* was too tight for Tony to last long and he reached round to rip the woman’s blouse open and lift her **** out of the lacy half bra.

Beth was close to climax and she knew it. “****. Oh god yeah, here I *** again. ****, keep doing me you bastards. Keep doing me.”

The sensations of Tony’s ***** in her bowels and his fingers on her nipples, combined with the child’s inexperienced tongue rasping over her ****, were enough to power her to her next ***, and force a groan from her lips as her body shuddered and her head thrashed from side to side.

Tony shot his second load of ***** into her body and their bodies sagged together in exhaustion.

The sweet honey smell of the drug was still thick in the air, and so was the smell of sex as everyone was ******* in some form or another. Sandra, a thirty nine year old businesswoman was straddling the lap of a young boy who looked to be about nineteen or twenty. Her face and hair were already splattered with someone’s *** and her saturated panties were lying on the floor at her feet. She was in the middle of her period but her **** was on fire and she desperately needed a good ****. She tore the blood soaked tampon from her sex and threw it into the aisle.

Sinking down onto the young mans rigid *****, she squeezed her **** and hissed, “**** me baby. Do me hard and fast. I need to ***.”

Larry, the young man, flashed his **** in and out of her bloody **** hole while Sandra worked two fingers into her *******. Her other hand was still on her *** squeezing at her hard teat and she began moaning as the familiar tingling in her **** sent shivers down her spine.

“Come on baby, she groaned. “Yeah, that’s the way. Make me scream.”

Her **** hole was awash with **** juice and period blood. Larry was close to his own climax, but was determined to make Sandra *** first. His hand dropped between their bodies, and, when his fingers closed over her **** and began rubbing it, her ****** smashed through her body, Sandra screamed, “Oh **** you bastard, I’m *******. ****, ****.”

Larry’s eyes were closed and he gritted his teeth as he felt his ***** boil out of his balls. He groaned, “****, I’m going to spurt.”

Sandra felt his hot ***** lance into her hole and coat her **** walls with his thick cream. They held on to each other for a few moments until Sandra heaved her body off his **** and licked his bloody shaft clean.

Linda’s little brother had shot his ***** down her throat and went in search of some *****. The girl concentrated on the gnarled old ***** that was battering into her soaking ****. She had already orgasmed twice, and her little **** was being continually stimulated by the man’s balls banging into it with every stroke. The man knew that he couldn’t last much longer in her tight hole but was determined to have her *** again. He kept his thumb in her ******* and used his other hand to reach round and rub at the little bud of her ****. He smiled as her body convulsed and shook again.

“**** it’s happening again,” she moaned. “My ****’s flooding.”

The old man drove the full length of his shaft into her **** hole and for the first time in many years, he jetted his ***** into a ****.

Martin pulled his ***** from Julia’s mouth and dropped into his seat. “I need ****,” he said looking into her face.”

She smiled and stood up to raise her skirt and drop her knickers. As she stepped out of them, Martin reached down and lifted them up to his face. There was a slight smell of stale **** but the overwhelming odour was of her hot ***** from the wet patch in the gusset. She lifted up the armrests on either side of his seat and sat down on his throbbing *****. Martin tore open the front of her blouse and scooped her **** out. He sucked one of her hard teats into his mouth and chewed on her rock hard nipples.

He felt her body stiffen and she cried, “Oh god yes. Hurt me you bastard. **** me hard and hurt me.”

She rode Martin’s **** hard as her first ****** raced through her and her **** muscles rippled over the surface of his shaft. Julia sank down onto his lap for a few seconds to get her breath back. She felt a nudge at her butt and glanced back. Linda’s twelve year old brother Harry was gripping his 6-inch ***** tightly and guiding it to her *******. She lent forward and reached around to pull her *** cheeks apart.

“Spit on your **** and get it up my **** hole,” she growled.

She raised her weight from Martin’s lap and closed her eyes in pleasure as he started to flash his ***** in and out of her ****. The young lad in her ******* matched Martin’s pace and the both screwed the ***** as hard as they could.

She could hear her cream slosh inside her **** as Martin pounded his **** into her and the familiar tingling feelings of her approaching climax were getting stronger. “**** me you bastards,” she cried. “Oh God keep ******* me, I’m nearly there. Keep going. **** keep going.”

Martin and the boy felt her body stiffen and she screamed, “**** I’m going to ***. Oh **** I’m *******.”

They paid no attention to her spasms and shuddering as they worked towards their own ******. The boy went first and squirted his ***** into her *******. Her convulsing muscles milked him dry and just as he was pulling out, Martin spurted his load far up her dripping ****.

Ann, the stewardess, had recovered from the ******* the black passenger had gave her, and had to go to the toilet before she went in search of other ****. When she entered the cubicle, there was some guy getting head from a gorgeous teenager. She looked up and motioned it was ok to come in. Ann took her panties down to **** and watched the man **** the girl’s throat. God she was horny and she stood up and rubbed her panties on her **** until the tingling in her **** overwhelmed her and she orgasmed and sprayed her thick **** cream into her knickers. When her breathing steadied, she used her panties to wipe her slit clean and stuffed the *** soaked garment into the mans mouth.

An old woman who was well into her seventies had ******** off her panties and shoved her slack old **** onto one of the armrests that she had raised to the vertical. As she worked even more of the makeshift ***** into her front hole, her grandson was ramming his **** stained ***** up her stinking *******.

“Come on you little ******,” she urged. “Ram that **** disturber up my *******. I want your hot ***** up my *******.

David was sixteen years old and had never heard his grandmother even come close to swearing before. It turned him on even more to hear the profanities drop from her mouth as the drug made her into a total ****. The old woman’s fingers rubbed at her **** and she pushed back onto David’s **** with every thrust he made. The end of the armrest was firmly wedged against the woman’s cervix and her **** was as full as it could get.

The PA system crackled and the captain’s voice said, “We need some female flight attendants to the cockpit immediately.”

From the hoarseness of his voice, it was obvious that the gas had reached the front of the plane.
Ann ******** off her blouse and bra as she walked into the cockpit. Mark, the flight engineer, sat nearest the door and swivelled his chair round to her as she walked in. His trousers were lying on the floor beside him and his long throbbing ***** was pointing straight to the roof. He grabbed her waist and pulled her onto his lap. Ann’s **** was still slippery from her recent **** and his length slid easily up her hole.

“God, that’s better baby,” he moaned as her warm wetness wrapped around his ****. “Ride me hard honey. I’m so ******* horny.”

Ann began bouncing her slimy sex over Mark’s shaft as pilot Mike and co-pilot Sam tore off their headphones and climbed out of their seats. Their trousers were already unzipped and their ****** erect and ready for action. Sam licked his fingers and slipped two up Ann’s *******. She bent forward to give him better access and moaned as he finger ****** her back hole. Mike pulled her forward further and stopped her moaning by sliding his **** down her throat. Sam spat on his **** and eased it past her anal ring and into her **** hole.

Ann was in ecstasy. Her lust had taken control and the three ****** ******* her orifices were making her *** again and again. Mark felt her hot **** cream flow down his ***** and drip from his balls as the girl’s body continually convulsed and shuddered.

Mike’s shaft plugged her throat and prevented her shouting her ******* and each man had his eyes closed as he worked towards his own ***. Her tight ******* was proving too much for Sam.

“****, I’m *******,” he groaned loudly and emptied his balls into her back hole.

Once he withdrew and sat back down to recover, Mike decided that Ann’s ******* would be better that her mouth.

Ann’s mouth hung open and her drool was dripping onto Mark’s uniform as Mike eased his **** into her soggy **** hole. The girl was moaning and shaking as her multiple ****** held her in its grasp and her abused **** caused her **** to pour its juices onto Mark’s lap. “Oh ****, *** you bastards. I can’t take much more,” she gasped. “Shoot into my holes and let me rest.”

As if in response to her plea, Mark screwed up his face and moaned, “Here I ***.”

His hot ***** boiled into her **** and sprayed onto her cervix just as Mike rammed his full length up her ******* and blasted his ***** into her bowels.
After a few moments, Mike pulled his **** from her ******* and helped her somewhat shakily to her feet.

Little Amy and her mother Carol were in the back of the plane being gang banged. The men had reclined a number of seats to form a makeshift table and laid them both on it. Carole was lying face down with her butt in the air and sliding an empty beer bottle in and out of her ****. Three men had already emptied their balls into her ******* and the forth was pounding her *******. Little Amy was on her back beside her mother. The young girl was holding onto both her ankles and spreading her legs wide. Her **** was red and swollen with lust and she was on her fifth man as her tight **** milked the ***** out of them.

Sam, the co-pilot walked out the cockpit having discarded his trousers and walked through the empty first class cabin. He found Susan, the attendant in charge of first class lying naked on one of the reclined seats. An empty Champagne bottle was still sticking out from between her legs and the huge pool of **** cream below her showed that she had *********** and orgasmed so much that she had lost consciousness. He pulled the bottle from her sex and licked at the neck.

His fingers slipped into her open and saturated **** and he muttered, “Too loose baby.”

The woman groaned softly as he flipped her over onto her stomach and rubbed some of her ***** juice over her puckered *******. Dropping the bottle, he drove his ***** deep into her bowels and began ******* the **** out of her. “Yeah, that’s better,” he said happily.

He banged away at her unresponsive body until his ***** sprayed into her ******* and he pulled his **** stained shaft from her body. He wiped his ***** clean on her hair and went in search of fresh ****.

There was so much **** juice running out of Carol’s **** hole that she was having difficulties keeping a grip on the bottle in her slit. The men continued to trade off on her **** hole and she pulled the bottle from her sticky slit, reversed it to get a grip on the neck and rammed the thick end back up her ****. One of the men pulled little Amy to the edge of the seat and while his friends continued to pound her tight ****, her head hung down without support. This was just the right height and angle to **** the youngster in the throat. She gagged at first, but was soon swallowing his **** and enjoying it. Her thick throat slime was the perfect lubrication and her jetted his ***** straight into her stomach. Another man took his place at her sloppy **** and yet another began ******* her throat.

There was so muck ***** up Carol’s ******* that every new mans ***** was pushing the stuff out as she was buggered. The ***** was running over her **** and onto her stomach before dripping onto the seat.

Both Carol and her daughter were deep in multiple ******* that had been going on so long, that they were practically unconscious.

Mike came out of the cockpit into the body of the plane and smiled at the debauchery taking place. His erect ***** with the purple throbbing head was ready for *******.
Sarah, a dark haired, middle aged businesswoman was sitting in an aisle seat playing with the ***** that was oozing out of her sex. Despite her forty or so years, she still looked good and had kept her body in excellent shape. Mike stopped to watch and she looked up and smiled.

“Mmm nice *****,” she said, leaning forward to suck him into her hot mouth.

She licked up and down his shaft and grinned up at his as she said, “Your **** tastes of ****. Nice sweet ****.”

She lowered her head back down and slipped his length down her throat.

Mike gasped, “Oh god yeah baby. Take it deep.”

He reached down and cupped and squeezed her *** as she bobbed her throat up and down his *****. Her throat muscles and her snaking tongue were causing sensations that had the hairs on the back of his neck standing up and he felt his balls begin to tighten. He pulled slowly out of her mouth saying, “You’re too good at that honey. When I *** I want it to be in your ****.”

Sarah spread her legs further and ran her finger over her slit. “My ***** full of *****,” she said sweetly. “You sure you want to **** my gooey hole?”

“I like gooey holes,” Mike replied smiling.

Sarah got up and let Mike sit in her seat. She straddled his legs and lowered herself down, taking just the swollen purple head into her **** hole.

"Does that feel nice baby?” she whispered. “Does it feel nice and wet?”

She slipped down another inch and he grunted in pleasure, “God your ***** feels big. You’re pushing the ***** out of me.”

She sank down and her sex made a sucking noise as she took the full length up her **** and wriggled her bum.

“God, that’s what I call sloppy seconds. I bet it's messy, baby. I bet you'll be covered in it.”

She sat upright, and looked down to where they were joined and eased herself upwards, with a soft, obscene slurping noise. A collar of thick cream had already formed around the base of his ****, sticking their hairs together and as she drew way from him, it stretched into a silky ribbon of *****, still joining them together. The whole shaft glistened with a coating of thick white cream and when they parted, another ribbon of ***** formed between them, oozing slowly from deep within her and flowing thickly over the swollen head of Mike’s shaft.

Sarah sank back down on him, pushing a rim of cream before her and leaving it behind on her upward stroke, leaving it to stick and mat his pubic hair into the same state as her own. She ****** him faster and faster, and with every bounce, the hot sticky mess in her hole squelched and slurped. She mashed the ***** inside her into a smooth white sauce that ran down his *****, over his balls and onto his thighs.

They were both nearing their climax and he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth as Sarah reached down to rub frantically at her ****.
Her breathing became ragged and she was moaning constantly as her ****** built. She began to shudder and when her ****** exploded through her body, she shouted, “****, I’m *******. **** I’m ******* so hard.”

Mike flashed his ***** into her **** hole even faster and clenched his teeth as his ***** blasted up her ****. His ***** was like molten lave spurting into her overworked **** and she convulsed and shook again before collapsing exhausted onto his lap.

The planes automatic pilot system had brought them to their destination and had reduced the planes altitude to prepare for the final descent. When the plane dropped below pressurisation level, the recirculation fans were automatically stopped and the fresh air fans were switched on.

The drug was cleared from the air the people on board slowly came to their senses. Most were embarrassed, some were shocked and the remainder shook their heads in wonder. The cockpit crew ran quickly back to their posts. In about fifteen minutes most people had put on as many of their clothes as they could find and that were still serviceable.

The pilot’s voice came over the PA system.

“Folks, I have no idea what happened during this flight and no idea what to do about it. Now we’ve been getting some stick from the ground about not reporting in as we were scheduled to do, but we’ve explained that away by claiming radio problems. We still have to decide what we are going to do about, for want of a better term, the ****. We can either report what happened to the authorities on the ground, or agree to keep silent. If we decide to keep silent, it will have to be unanimous. If you want to make a report, you have to be aware of the consequences. Remember that there were children involved and that you would have to explain your actions to your husband or wife. It’s your choice folks. Let your flight attendant know your decision and she’ll inform me.”

He closed the PA and shrugged his shoulders at his colleagues.

A short time later, Ann came into the cockpit and said, “Everyone’s decided to forget what happened. No reports. No authorities.”

Mike gave a low whistle of relief and nodded. “Okay,” he said. “Everyone keeps their mouth shut. Oh and by the way Ann,” he added smiling. “You smell like a hooker.”

“No hooker ever had the amount of *** that I’ve got in my panties right now,” she replied. “Oh and listen guys, you know what we did in the cockpit here? Let’s do it again in the hotel tonight.”

She giggled as she went back to her passengers.

Martin and Julia were sitting beside each other as the plane touched down.

“We were hell of a lucky today,” he said. “If word of this had got out and your people knew we were on the flight it wouldn’t have taken them long to figure out what happened.”

“Yeah,” Julia replied nodding her agreement. “We’re going to have to be a lot more careful next time.”

Martin’s head snapped round quickly and he hissed, “What the **** do you mean next time?”

“I’ve got several litres of XXX41 that my team don’t know about. Wouldn’t you like some more fun?”

Martin began grinning and suddenly sat straight up in his seat. “Julia,” he said slowly. “This was an accident, wasn’t it?”

He slumped back as she laughed.

o0o The End o0o
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