What I Am About?

I am a weird sexual ****!! I love to **** a woman, or a guy that is dressed as a woman and wants to be treated that way. I don't consider my self as gay, but a good looking *** and legs get me going no matter what sex they are attached to!! Another weird thing about me, is that the act of sex is what I need to survive, and it does not matter which side I am on, let me try to explain: if I see a set of legs and a naked *** bent over the bed, I am throbing, if the is me bent over the bed, I want a **** to ravage me and spank me hard while ******* in me. So it does not matter which side I am on, just want to be in that sexual situation. I don't want to be naked with a naked guy, but if he has nylons and a G-string on and maybe heels, I want it now!!! Maybe it is just that the person on the bed, wants it, and they are accepting a **** and will devour it, while pleasing both folks. Kinda weird!!
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Jan 13, 2013