First Time With A Tv

Her name was Giselle, she had 44 E's and a 46 rear. She was totally sexy, and you could tell she was a she no matter the small penis she had. I sat on the edge of her bed, and had her ***** naked and walk up to me and place her boobs in my mouth. I was in heaven. While one hand held a breast, the other explored both her rear and 4 Inch unit. Her unit did not grow, but was still really fun to touch, stroke, and squeeze!! I asked her to put a condom on both of our units, and this got me very very hard. We then went in 69 pos with me in top. I really loved sucking her unit, although it did only grow maybe an inch. She was an expert in my unit, and had me climaxing in about 5 min!!

We both dressed, and I got to hold her in her skimpy outfit and say good bye. This was time and $$ well spent!! I have seen her again twice. Last time I entered her, but while changing positions, she pumped me so fast and hard, that I did not climax in her. Very tricky!! Next time I Will insist no touching while changing, she knows a mans unit to well!!!
Joejohncat Joejohncat
56-60, M
Jan 18, 2013