I Don't Know Why, They Just Do

At the grocery store, on the street corner, even at the light, folk make it a point to talk to little ole' me.  LOL. 

A couple of weeks ago, i was at the grocer and this couple followed me around the store so that i could help them price quality vs quantity.  Sure, they annoyed the hell out of me, but i never refuse help to folk when i can help them...

Today, im out and about - shopping up a storm, and the cashier decides she wants to tell me her life story and to help her make a decision with her relationship.  She was caught in between two guys of whom she was friends with.  I say, date them both. No ring is on anyone's finger.  She was maybe 22/23.  I told her to have fun now, cause when 30 hits - reality should be kicking the door down also. 

Maybe about a month ago, this woman approached me and asked me to help her find something special for someone.  We chatted for a bit and all. 

Anytime i leave my house, strange people run up to me - as though we have been lifelong friends.  IDK why they do, but they do. 

I wonder sometimes, what kind of a person am i for folk to feel so comfortable with me.  There are times in which folk ask me to watch their pocket books; hell even their kids.  I just would like to know what is it about me that makes me so *approachable.*

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1 Response Dec 4, 2009

" I just would like to know what is it about me that makes me so *approachable.*"<br />
<br />
me too! :)