Strangers On A Sunday Train

Other than the rain had not started to fall yet could the day could have gotten any worse, missing my train. I sat at the tiny train station trying to get to London on another quiet Sunday afternoon the undeniable presence of blackening skies overhead.

Glancing up at the screen in the waiting room I saw the next train was not until 17:55 and by the looks of the information board that train was running late also, which in the grand scheme of things was quite ironic considering it was only because my usual train was on time for once that I watched it sitting on the platform across from as I arrived at the station and I was unable to muster the energy to go running across the overhead bridge and attempt to catch it before it pulled away.

With an exasperated sigh I let my head sink back and rest against the glass of the waiting room window eyes rolled back as I looked up at the dark grey rain threatened skies wondering if she was a foreshadowing of my night ahead.

My attention was drawn from my daydreaming as I heard the sound of footsteps enter. as another commuter entered the waiting area, with no more than a mere glance I scanned an older man in his 50’s dressed in a grey casual suit with a Sunday paper tucked under his left arm and a similar look of dissatisfaction on his face as he also looked up at the train times screen in the corner of the room.

I let my head fall back the glass again cursing slightly as I thumped perhaps a little too hard against it and the pain pass along my head and neck causing my eyes to pop open and take in the view of the ceiling once more before rolling my head slightly to take in the information board again to see the train now running even later.

Learning from my previous head banging incident, I let my feet fall forward and with a swinging motion I sat up letting my body stretch as the older man looked across at me. Standing I grabbed my backpack from the ground and walked from the waiting room to the platform beyond.

A few new commuters had arrived to give some life to the previously empty platform. An older couple dressed in tracksuits and running shoes and a woman in her mid 30’s with dark black hair dressed in a tight black t-shirt that had some trendy slogan on it that really escaped my knowledge of pop culture. She also wore a short skirt that made her look like she had just come out of a club rather than spending a Sunday afternoon waiting for a train.

Flopping down on one of the two empty green benches I pulled my laptop from it’s home within my backpack and keyed the power button as it sat on my lap, with a soft whirring it slowly came to life as I pulled a device from the backpack and slotted it into the right hand USB port.

With a few quick button pushes the Explorer window flickered open and I scanned the various headlines and stories that presented themselves before me before typing in a web address and began to sort through some pointless junk mail at on my E-Mail account.

As I finished the last message I began to shut the computer down as I heard an announced that my train was on route and should be at the station within the next five minutes.

True to the announcers word the old train in all its nine carriage glory rolled into view passing me carriage by carriage. as I watched in hope through the windows of each one that there would be an empty to seat available, but my hopes were soon dashed as the train came to a full halt and I made my way along it trying to board.

Eventually I hopped up the steps through the door into a an area not crowded with people but any hopes of getting a proper seat were soon gone as I looked into the carriage to see two people who had boarded before me shaking there heads that there were no more seats to be had as they moved past me into another part of the train.

I quickly slumped down in front of a toilet door which seemed to be the only available space to sit and propped my legs against the wall Next to it, my head rolling back once more against the wall of the train as I slid my earphones into my ears to try and let the music help block out what was turning into a dismal night and with even worse surroundings.

With a shunt I felt the train under way and spent the next hour having to move every 5 minutes for someone to use the toilet until the public address system announced the train would shortly be arriving at London St Pancras International which would be it’s final destination followed by some false thanks for using their service.

The mad rush began as people almost fought and clambered over each other to be seconds ahead of their fellow passengers to get off the train, like some demented race where a massive cash prize awaiting and not yet hundreds of more commuters beyond the platform for them to fight there way through to the underground or other trains they needed to continue there journeys

Unlike some historical figures I waited until the red sea of people was safe to move through and stepped down onto the platform and looked to the waiting concourse beyond and the mass of humanity that clashed against each other as they tried to move in two different directions neither concerned for the passageway of the other.

Picking up my pace, I walked down the platform and fought my way past the commuter passengers and onto the downward escalator to the mass of International commuters waiting below, some huddled in groups for some form of self deluded safety and others looking into the bright shiny windows of the over priced shops that lined the hallway mesmerised by the shiny things that lay beyond.

Weaving and sidestepping I made my way to the other end of the hallway and down another set of steps to where the underground network began and the next leg of my journey, the mass of people here seemed not to shrink or falter in there lemming like behaviour as they moved along another long walkway shuffling after one and another like a giant game of follow the leader.

With another turn I skipped down a few steps and slid my travel card into the speed barrier and waited as it slammed open with a loud banging noise that never failed to make me feel uneasy as I stepped through half expecting to become some deleted trap scene from a saw movie.

Once through the barrier another set of downward escalators loomed ahead and I took my place in the great game of follow the leader and stepped in behind a group of Japanese tourists and stepped on to the escalator as it began to roll slowly downwards to the awaiting train platform below.

Stepping off the escalators runner just before it vanished into the ground I began to once again weave and sidestep or sidestep and weave my way past the chaos of the two groups trying to move in opposite directions, I turned left at the sign for the northern line and walked down the stairs to where my train platform awaited glancing up at the sign to see the next train was 1 minute away.

Edging my way through the crowded platform I stood by the exit way where I knew from experience the last carriage of the tube train should line up with hopefully making it easier to at least get on board the train and perhaps even find a seat and improve my averages for the journey.

The tubes lights lit up the tunnel to the right of me as I heard the familiar clacking noise of the track as the dirty metallic silver tube pulled into view and along the platform causing the waiting passengers to stir to life and push forward slightly awaiting the open doors.

With the shunting sound of breaks the tube stopped and I looked into the almost empty carriage as the doors opened with hiss and the horde began to file through the open doorway, I quickly turned left and grabbed an empty seat in the middle of the row of seats

Closing my eyes once more I felt the train begin to move picking up speed as it rocked from side to side along the circular tunnels of the underground system before slowing to a halt at the next station on the line and opening its doors once more to let a steady stream of passengers flow onto the already crowded carriage.
Glancing over at the mass of people my eyes locked on a woman that made me sit up and take notice of what was going on around me, she was perhaps 5’6 or 5’7 in her mid 20’s with shoulder length dark red hair, the kind of red that could only come from a bottle, she wore a pair of knee length leggings and a top *** skirt that hung over the top of them exposing her not inconsiderable breasts and soft white skin of her neck and arms.

Her lips and eyelashes were dark in colour which gave her a Gothic like appearance that I would not deny was a major turn on for me, I twisted slightly in my seat as she walked past me carrying a shoulder bag that hung down and touched the top of her long leather boots that carried all the way up until they touched the tips of her knees to add another layer of considerable attraction to me.

I watched as she walked to the back of the train several seats away from me and looked down at a seat that was covered in old newspapers and rubbish and was the only seat to be had, I thought for a moment she would slid the papers from the seat and sit down but instead she just placed her bag on the seat and stood with her back to the door to the drivers carriage with each arm outstretched and holding onto the hanging hand holds to maintain her balance.

I considered for a moment standing and offering my seat to her, but that thought of chivalry was quickly dismissed when the train began to move and I noticed her body twist and rock slightly with the movement, her breasts pushing against her tight shirt *** skirt as the she moved in time with the rocking motion.

Oh what I could do I thought to myself as I closed my eyes and my imagination began to run in circles in my hand, when without warning an uncontrollable urge swept over me, suddenly my legs forced me to stand and turn towards her. Her face had impish like grin on it as I stumbled towards her.

All my inhibitions were now gone and I reached towards her placing my hand on the side of her neck easing her towards me and leaning down into her.

Our mouths meeting in a kiss that made my stomach burn with excitement and my blood begin to rush through me to a place that was demanding it’s attention, I felt the almost electric touch of her tongue as it entered my mouth and we kissed passionately, as my hands ran down her back feeling her curves and round arse.

Her arms wrap around me and she fell back against the metal door to the driver’s cabin, my body pressed hard against hers, I felt myself fully erect against her as we continued to kiss our bodies pressed hard against each other as my pulse quickened in this animal like embrace we were locked in.

With wild abandon I kissed from her lips to her chin and inflamed by my passions my lips found the soft texture of her neck, my lips embracing the flesh sucking it into my mouth and letting my teeth bite softly as though an animal marking it’s property.

She groaned loudly obviously turned on by my almost savage attentions and I felt her press herself against me, her leggings rubbing against my trousers and the hot wet feel of her caused my passions to surge.

My hands now wildly grabbed at the sides of her leggings and I yanked them down with two desperate tugs until they were pressed against her ample hips.

Her arms moved from my back and I felt her grip the front of my trousers by the belt while her other hand slowly all most teasing like motion pulled the zipper to my trousers down.

This brought me some relief as my erection was given some space to breath as it pressed against my boxer shorts almost like a caged animal trying to escape the cage that contained it.

My mouth moved from her neck as I kissed her lips once more, catching the mischievous smile that crossed her lips before we connected as her hand slid through my open zipper and into my shorts.

I gasped suddenly as her hand gripped my hardness and stroked slowly back and forth as she seemed to take control and I felt her lips press hard against mine with suddenly the hunter becoming the hunted.

As the balance of power had shifted so did my head as she eased it to her now exposed breast, her nipple erect and waiting for my eager mouth, quickly I took it into my mouth and I felt her grip on me tightened as we both gasped in pleasure we gave to each other.

I drew the nipple between my lips and let my teeth drag against the soft erect flesh and sucked and licked gently at it, my eyes closing as I listened to the slow rhythmic noise of the train passing through the tunnel and the beautiful sounds of pleasure she made.

Moments passed without concern as this madness took over us both before she pulled me free from my shorts entirely her body pulling back and her nipple coming free from my mouth as she turned to face the drivers door.

Both arms outstretched and she grabbed a hand hold on both sides of the train her back arching forward and as she stepped back into me bending to reveal her fully formed rear and wet and inviting self.

My hands gripped her hips quickly and I moved forward a single step and felt her body waiting for me as I slid deep inside her, a warm sensation passed over as I found myself deep inside and began to take slow motions forward and back.
Gripping her hips my pace quickened as she let her head hang down low her sweet moaning filled my ears almost completely drowning the noise of the train and whatever reality that carried from this moment.

Lost in this moment of madness I began to thrust harder into her. my brow now moist with sweat and my shirt sticking to my torso as the heat and excitement made me breathe harder and faster as my pace increased with each thrust driven on by the sweet sounds that turned from soft moaning whimper to her now fully in the grip of passion and without inhibition screaming out for me.

Moving my hands from her hips, I gripped the back of her legs forcing them wider apart, the sound of our bodies slapping against each other as I could feel my approaching climax beginning to build deep inside me, an excitement mixed with a passion I had never felt before.

Her legs began to quiver slowly at first and then her body lifted back her back pressing against my chest as she let her head drop back so her cheek pressed against mine.

With the closeness of our bodies my hands reached for her breasts and squeezed them, the palms of my hands pressing hard into her erect nipples as they were crushed beneath my savage passionate embrace.

Her quivering legs began to shake now and the motion began to climb her body, she screamed the ****** taking control of her body and leaving her held in my arms taking hard and fast breaths before letting out another scream this time almost wildcat like as a second ****** exploded from deep within her.

All this was too much for me as I felt myself tighten up and then I could hold on no longer and I felt a shooting sensation from my testicles as I released hard inside her letting out a wild scream of exultation as I closed my eyes to block out the intensity of the light in the carriage that suddenly seemed so bright to me.

I felt a light motion against my shoulder and I opened my eyes to find myself sitting in a near empty train carriage with the woman of my fantasy standing in front of me nudging me with her hand as if trying to stir me.

“Last stop” she said smiling at me, I did not know where to look but composed myself moments after looking around and realising I was at the last stop on the line “Thank you” I half stammered as I tried to stand and realised with horror I was extremely aroused and erect.

“Must have been some dream” she said sweetly as I sank back into the seat grinning weakly.

“You were smiling like a Cheshire cat” she said
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Nov 28, 2012