My First Experience To Stangle And Choke A Girl

Since my childhood I have fantasy of strangling woman neck. Whenever I see woman who is wearing chain, pendant chain, chokers, necklaces I get excited to choke them. Sometimes I feel just to pull the chain from behind lady neck when they wear tough and strong. My first experience: I was of 17 and I made my account on facebook and I made a girl as my friend. Her name was shweta , she was of 18 and she belonged to other state, from where my uncle was settled. After that we became so close that I was her boyfriend and she was mine girlfriend. Now it was the time to express my desire to her but I was little nervous to ask her but then also I sent her a message and told her about my fantasy and there wasn’t any reply from her for 2-3 days but she sent me reply and her answer was that she can do anything for her boyfriend. I was waiting for suitable opportunity to visit her alone. Then I got an opportunity to visit there and I booked my tickets and reached there on shweta’s birthday. After that I called shweta and informed her, she was surprised to get the information and on other hand she was excited. She immediately came to pick me up, I met her physically and the first thing I noticed was her throat. Shweta was living there for studies purpose and alone so I thought to spend a day with her. It was 10 o’clock in morning I looked at shweta and my penis became hard because she was wearing a slave choker I put from behind her shoulders and touched he neck. She gave a pretty smile. After that I took out string from the bag and put it around her throat and started to pull it, her neck was raised up and felt her adam apple and then started to adjust the string over her throat, position of the string was right at her larynx, oxygen supply was cut then also I continued then she whispered “Ahhhhhh..” I left her. Next morning, she told me it was quiet dangerous but a good experience. After that I grabbed her throat and started to strangle with my hand. Again we talked with each other about our life experience and the time was 10a.m we went for marketing, movies and came back at 8p.m. After that it was time to strangle her again. I took out the rope and made gallows . After that I put the gallows around her throat and made her to stand on the bed, she told me with a smile “Don’t kill me.” I told her “Believe me” and I continued, I pulled the rope and tightened it with a rod beside the window. I stood on the bed and touched her soft neck. After that it seemed to me that oxygen supply is cut so I loosened the noose and brought her down , she replied “thank you” but my fantasy was not fulfilled with her so I made her sit on floor and I sat on bed and I started to choke her till the oxygen supply was cut. Another morning both of us woke up at 6 and I had to leave. While I was on door she told me “It was really awesome experience.”
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wow.....grt experience? do all indian gilrs like to be strangled?