Tied To The Bed And ******...

Luckily for me (and some others, lol) my wife really gets turned on when restrained.  Tying her up (or down) was always a turn on for her,

but it goes to another level when another man is involved.

My wife can be quite submissive, especially to other men, and being tied to the bed makes it a double whammy!  When a **** is offered to her mouth she has no choice but to suck it, both because she is powerless to resist because of the restraints and because she is powerless against her own lust, fueled by the situation...

She gets so wet when this kind of thing is happening it is impossible to resist shoving a **** right up her... and she loves that even more!

Can you tell she likes it?

pjandrox pjandrox
15 Responses Apr 21, 2011

Wow that is exactly what I would love to try with my wife and I am sure she would love it.

Another cool story. would love to see your pics. Please add.

cant see the pics.

bravo...clap, clap, clap, bravo!

Great story, but I can't see any pics. From the other comments, they sound awesome!

PJ, My friend and shared our wives for a night and he tied her spreadeagled like that and she had to suck him off and then he ate her until she was shaking with lust. To bad we didn't have a camera but I'm writing a smoking hot story about that night you will see soon. My regards to your wife, she is amazing and soooo hot it makes my **** hard just looking at her photos! Your are lucky! <br />
(love to be friends!)

ohhhh fck yeeeaaaah! i love this! read my story called the first of many..so hot! i love the helpless stuff


yes my wife also likes bondage. i really enjoy,

My wife is use to love anal sex early in our relationship, but now not so much. However, if I tie her up in ropes she gets so turned on, that she will let me taker her in any way I want, and will come in all cases!

all your posts are incredibly erotic.. would love to be there to play .. day_yum !!!

We enjoyed the photos and the comments you wrote about her. The need she has for it and the desire that makes her just dripping wet. Very erotic stuff!

Would be awsome to see her shared by two men at once. Of course that would take a third to operate camera...Beautiful


very hot! she is indeed powerless against herself.. and she enjoys it :)