The Price Of Growth

Hearing the familiar song Listen to Your Mother from Jay Chou, a famous singer, whose music style is so popular and unique that many young people all regard him as a faithful idol Including myself 
“Listen to mother’s inculcation,
Don’t hurt her
Beautiful white-hair
Sprout in happiness
Angle’s magic
To be kind in warmth
Want to growth up as quickly as possible
To protect her”
23 years old witnesses my growth and my mother’s contribution and payment. However how can I pay back her? I don’t know and I don’t worry her. I really would like to tell her “Mom,  don’t worry about me, I must try my best to get well and make you proud of your daughter.” I am beloved my family but now I can’t bring them better life and abundant physical-comfort. What’s more important, I never keep promise for them relevant to happiness. Their only request is to see me happy. After graduating from college, hardly I make a phone to them due to without courage. At present, new and strange environment makes me feel the warmth of family only where everyday I can hear mother and father’s inculcation and comprehend their deep love, even though my home isn’t so rich I love my home and love my parents and my brother.
   Hard life learns me to growth up .Meanwhile everyone starts to take their own life into consideration during growing. Present job teaches me to tolerate everything, Maybe it is another manner of growing. Sometime depressive atmosphere almost makes me choking .But I have no other choice to insist on. In short any job isn’t so easy.
 Looking back my road of growth, what is my biggest harvest and payment? The price of growth comes from harvesting .I appreciate with my parents because they give me precious life and teach me how to be a useful person. Now I just tell them your daughter must be promising and can bring you happy life. Fate always be controlled by ourselves, So let we dominate possibly everything. and believe everything is possible. Ever there used to be a saying “the only limit to our realization of tomorrow is our doubts of today” please take action to accomplish our inner dreams. In late future, something wonderful will be approaching you as long as you follow through. At last, give my best wishes to all grateful mothers.

landy1987 landy1987
22-25, F
Jul 15, 2010