I Stretch My ***

hi. i am a very sex positive kink friendly bisexual guy. i just wanted to start this discussion to see who else stretches their *****. i am working my way up to being fisted. i started with a medium sized butt plug and now i am up to a large *****.

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7 Responses Mar 5, 2009

i **** my husbands *** regularily with a 'Feeldoe Stout' and a 'Share XL' - we both just love it

every other week I ask my girlfriend to fist me in the shower. after using the triple ripple butt plug, she can pop her hand in and out up to her wrist fluently.<br />
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i usually first sit on the triple ripple in the shower and give her oral pleasure. because the plugs neck is almost 2 1/2" wide, this is a great stretching and after removing the plug her entire hand slides into my gaping *** right away.<br />
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this really makes the difference between a normal ****** and a full-body kind of experience.<br />
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did u find a ******* pal yet?

I've only been fisted a couple of times, by the same woman. It was so hot, the ecstasy going through my whole body. I have a girlfriend now who isn't interested :-( I hope to have this again one day. I'm sure I would love being regularly fisted, and the stretching games that go along with it. Alone however it's a bit too boring...

I was fisted by a gal once and it was the most amazing experience! She moved around quite a bit, I wish she would have popped in and out, but she was already at her limit. Its all I think about, and I've gone beyond in my stretching, and am ready for a man! Double anal is my favorite!!

My GF's hand now fits in to her nuckles... Not much longer and it will be complete... (though she has a rather small hand)...<br />
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Do you own a large butt plug?

I would love to be fisted as well. For preparation i use the ***** BAM.

I'm wearing my butt plug right now, an XL one ...