i love my master i love it when he is strict with me and humilated me it makes me feel alive if i dont have a master i feel dead i need a master feel a purpose in this life
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3 Responses May 9, 2012

Strictness is nice; but brutal pain and true humiliation hardly have any place in a proper Dom/sub relationship. Mutual respect and sympathetic understanding are the basic requirement for any meaningful relationship; otherwise it soon descend to abusive nadir. Life is too important and the purpose of live should not be trifled down to such low self-esteemed.

If you both are happy then there's nothing to say for anyone; but it seems unfair to let only this aspect of you to cover everything else in your life. Limiting one also put a limit to the other in a relationship; however, wish you all the very best for both of you. Keep enjoying and cheers!

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As a Master I totaly get that either and both roles have their own power.<br />
One takes the submission GIVEN and must operate within MUTUALY acceptable limits and the other has the power of releasing their will to another to be moulded and nurtured.