hi all ,
My name is casey , i am from texas. Here spankings are very common.I would like to know how other mom spank their kids.I have 2 sons and a daughter , I spank them often.
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I got 3 girls and it seems like I have one bent over bare bottom every night at bed time. I only spank bare and one is 15 but I tell her not to do the crime if her butt doesn't want to pay the price. I use a strap, paddle or my hand depending on the offense. Getting ready to post more about this.

Out of your three, which one gets spanked the most and which one hates the spankings the most. What is the last few spankings you have had to give to your 14 year old son and how does he react to his spankings. Are they still bare bottom at his age and do his siblings see him spanked and crying sometimes? Has he started puberty as of yet and how tall is he now?

hi im katy i spank too

How old r they

Very texas of you

Hi casey how old are your kids?

Tough ages very rebelious at that age range.