No Tan Lines

It was getting to the end of the summer and I needed to use up some vacation days. So I took a day off. I have a friends daughter that had always said she wants to swim, so i called her and she came over. She is like 21 blonde played volleyball in high school. She has on a black string bikni, i start saying you are going to have tan lines to take off her top. This goes on for awhile, we are playing around and I pulled a string on her top, after some convincing she takes it off. nice small boobs. By the way my backyard has a metal fence that looks right into a church parking lot. we continue swimming then she is standing in the shallow end and i come up in front of her and grab a string on her hip and just hold it for a minute. Giving light tension i say "I will pull this string too". Her response is I am already topless. So I give it a pull. It is a happy time in the pool. We swim some more I give her light teased touches on her body. Eventually I take my suit off so I can take skinney dip off my bucket list. It ends up about 330 or 4. I put my suit back on and get a towel to cover her she comes to the steps I wrap the towel around her and pick up her bikini that had been floating there. We go inside and I explore the greatness of her cute was fun but rushed my brother would be home. so we got dressed and were basicly walking out of the hallway when my brother walks in the front door. She stays for a bit, then goes home. I think he knew something happened, but I am betting he would have wanted to see her standing in the pool. The next day she comes over again and goes in the pool so I have to get in too. Again I help her from getting tan lines, but this time she just goes topless for the day.
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Great story! But tan lines r the best! Really when u show them off!