Bachelorette Party Story

I want to finally share my Bachelorette Party stories.

The year was 1978 and I was living in New York City. This was the heyday of Madonna and women being open about their sexuality. For many women, it was cool to be a size queen. For those who do not know, a size queen is a woman who prefers to have sex with men with large penises. At the time, the drinking age in New York was 18. Right out of high school, you could go to the bars. Women were openly aggressive of when it came to sex. 1978 was long before the Herpes and Aids scares of the mid to late 1980’s.

I met this girl Stacy and we hit it off immediately. It wasn’t too long before we got a small one bedroom flat together. Stacy was a ******** and she was venturing in to the world of Bachelor Parties and was making good money. It was $200 for the show and that included having sex with the groom and $40 a blow job for each guy. She would pull down at least $2000 a week just with Bachelor Parties. The money was great and she really enjoyed having sex with the groom knowing that she would be the last girl he would **** before his wedding. She was concerned about things getting out of hand. She asked if I would go with her to be sure she was safe. Stacy and I had a very open relationship. I did not have a problem with what she was doing,

Stacy told me about women who hire male strippers for Bachelorette Parties and that certainly peaked my interest. She told me that it was not uncommon for these brides to be to have sex with the male ********. I definitely want in on this action. I was six foot one, 190 pounds, well-endowed and in rip shape. Stacy thought I would be good at this. We went around and visited the boutiques of Manhattan, looking for clothes I could use. Every night I would practice my trade with Stacy until she felt I got it right.

Bachelorette Parties had their own set of rules. The Male ******** was the present for the bride to be. If the bride to be would pass, it fell on the person who booked the male ********, usually the maid of Honor to have sex with the male ********.

Stacy and I would show up about an hour or so after the party started and when we got there, the girls were often pretty lit. I would go in the back to get dressed and Stacy would work the crowd, getting the girls ready for the main event. I had shorts and pants that were secured with Velcro. I would begin dancing to the music. Slowly I would ***** off the top and then my pants revealing a sack that covered my **** and showed my open *** cheeks. I would go from table to table dancing. Some girls would rub my chest. I would then slowly ***** naked, reveal my erection. There was I naked in the middle of the room full of horny women, fully erect. I would go from table to table dancing, swinging my hard **** around. These girls would grab my **** and suck it. This often went on 20 to 30 minutes.

I would then go up to the bride to be, sit her on the chair in the middle of the room, gyrating around her. I would put a special show on just for the bride to be. I would swing my **** around in front of her. I would get behind her, massaging her breasts. It usually took a couple of minutes before she was on her knees sucking my ****. All her girlfriends would be standing around cheering her on.

I would reach my hand out to her to get her on her feet and would say to her, “I am going to give you my wedding present.” I would pick her up and carry to the bed and her girlfriends would go wild. I would slowly start to undress her, whispering things into her ear. I would also ask her to tall me when was going to ***. I would lay her down on the bed and eat her out until she had her first ******. I would then look at her and say, “I want to make love to you right now.” I would keep making love to her until she would have 2 more *******. I would then pick up the pace until I ********** inside her. Talk about a powerful feeling! I never had to act anything out. They were always the most intense ****** I had. I would tell her I loved her and, of course, I would always get that said back to me. We would cuddle each other. I would ask her if she was going to tell her future husband about this and the answer would always be no. I would always ask her for a present and that present would be her panties. I would always get that present and still have them to this day.

That was always the most intense sex I ever had.

Jim Stevens
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