I one time came out in front of my husband and his friend wearing lingerie under my raincoat, as I was trying to get his attention. But I only flashed my hubby before taking him back to our room. I always wondered what would have happened if I'd just dropped the coat, or if he would have taken it off of me, which would have been even better...sigh.
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you are such a sexy lady,,, love a good tease

The thought that you wore that raincoat would have me ******* many times into that plastic raincoat.

That sounds soo good hope youre plastic raincoat was a frosty clear one as they show off youre lingerie underneath .Nothing better than seeing a lady wearing her white soft cup bra,white silky seethrough nylon fullslip over her white silky nylon fullbriefs that gets me very hard through my sz5 pink plastic baby pants,filling my plastic pants with my *** oohssoogood

I love that you are eager and waiting on him. do you pillow talk about being shared, little hints go along way with receptive men.

I did this for my boyfriend once. I went to the airport wearing just a longcoat, no lingerie either. He had come with his friends. As we got into the car, he said, 'Don't take off your coat, you look great in that.' His friends too agreed. I'd actually wanted to let him know that the coat was my only possession then. I hadn't expected his friends though. I had plans. I wonder what if...

I've wondered too about what might have happened...

I can't speak for your hubby, but I'd have ******** off for you then and there, and waited to see what you did next....

Thanks, but all he had to do was remove my coat.

If your husband had taken the coat off, I believe he would first been shocked, then in his mind think , I'll show her, I will not flinch. If she want to show off in her lingerie I am going to let her. I believe you would had been entertaining your husband and his friend in your lingerie for the evening. <br />
<br />
I have always wanted to just have my woman get dressed up in a black garter and matching stockings, high heels, a beautiful pearl necklace and nothing else but her trench raincoat and go to the movies or window shopping. I think that would be a sexy turn on for both us.

I still regret his not doing it, I fear that my token resistance put him off.

Has your wife ever demonstrated the idea of being shared?