******** In Front of Friends

we had friends from his work and mine over to our home. we all got into drinking a lot and it only takes a little for me to lose all my inhibitions. I had ******** in front of one of the guys before, and he said he thought I should ***** for everyone. of course they all agreed. It didn't take anymore than that to encourage me.

in a minute I was up and dancing with a big grin on my face! when I got down to my bra and pants, everyone was clapping to encourage me! as I slid my bra off, my nipples were hard and sensitive. then I slid off my pants exposing my smooth shave, more applause! I spent the rest of the night nude, socializing and having fun!

frfeve frfeve
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I want to party with you sometime.

Awsome your invited to my party

WOW!!!!!!! just the thougt makes me ***!!!!!

fairplay i want afriend like you ............ men boys love it we all do glad you enjoy it so much you give alot of pleasure and have alot of fun

Good advice, frfeve. When I first met my wife, she was married to someone else. She has a great body and keeps it trim. He liked to show her off to other people and found any excuse to make her take her clothes off at parties and with couples. She was submissive with him and always complied. I saw her naked four or five times, watched her give a *******, and be ****** before I had even had one good complete conversation with her. I felt sorry for her, watching him humiliate her, but I also observed that, whatever she did, she always did it with class. After I got to know her, I asked her about this. She confided that a female mentor, the wife of her first sponsored lover, how to ***** for one guy, two guys, a group of guys, and a mixed group - they are all different situations and call for different strategies. She was taught how to "look through" a crowd, and how to look at one person, and focus on the music. I was surprised at how complex it all is. She, in turn, taught her daughter to *****. On occasion, in the right setting, they will ***** together. The last time my lover was in town, and stayed with us, the three of them did a ***** for me, my wife's #1 lover, my son who was also visiting, and one of my wife's male friends. It was a hoot.

years ago, the first time I ********, I was shaking. now, it's so much fun I can't wait to get naked!<br />
TBurke99, ***** for your man first, and later include someone you like, eventually, you will want to do it all the time!

I wish I had the courage to do that!

Good for you! When is the next get-together? LOL!

very rarely has anoher girl got up to *****, but it has happened.

were all of the other ladies too shy????

Sounds like a great party!<br />
<br />
I won't ask specifically what kind of fun you had? ;-)<br />
<br />
Thank you for your friendship. I value you highly. I'm not a bluenose. Have a good time. I'm only sorry I can't be there and party with you.<br />
<br />

Awww! :{ Wish I was there but I don't think I could just let you spend the night only socializing unless that means letting me grab that *** all night long.

That would definitely liven up the party