Naked Boating

i enjoy taking my boat out on the ches. bay and spending the entire day sunbathing naked , skinny dipping , and cruising naked. rarely do i ever wear clothes when boating and normally suggest that my friends do likewise. can;t wait for warm weather. was really considering taking my boat down to florida permently this winter but chickened out because i don;t really know anyone down there. would love to spend all my time naked. nothing like verticle smiles

nautiboater nautiboater
51-55, M
3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

where do you live and boating at

hi there, thanks for your comments. i am usually pretty careful as to who i invite because they have to be someone i know very well and are uninhibited about nudity and their bodies and are prettty cool about things in general. yes i would love to invite you out. its a lot of fun and a great way to work on your allover tan. lol

Curious, how do you convince your friends to go naked on the boat? I would love to be invited sometime. I love being naked and I especially like being asked or invited to do so. Do you have many that turn your invitation down?