Bad Bar Bet, Good Time

While in Green Bay area, spend good deal of time in Texas. One night went to my favorite gay bar--a small one, catering to mostly mature guys of which I am one. It was near closing and the group with whom I had spent most of evening was having fun drinking ( a lot) and just kidding around. We made a bet about some silly sport thing and I lost. The deal was that loser had to do whatever group said. Well, no surprise, the group said that the loser had to ***** naked--since close to closing, bartender, who was playing, closed bar.I thought kidding, but guys grabbed me and took off all my clothes, including a thong that I had on. They said, had to remain naked for an hour. Well drinks kept coming (free, only way can have customers after close) and I really felt good, losing any inhibition that I had. One of guys made me sit in his lap, he had taken his shorts off, while he fondled me--his **** was really hard. It was fantastic experience as I got passed around and I rapidly became very aroused. Others then began to join in, gently stroking me. They laid me on pool table and spread my legs so that they could have ever bit of me. By this time, one of the other very drunk guys took his clothes off and got on pool table beween my legs. I was orderd to do what he wanted, short of letting him come into me unless I asked for it. He licked me and sucked me with others cheering him on as they continued to grope me--it was not violent and I was enjoying their hands and fingers, especially as others got naked. The bartender ordered me to be on all fours on bar as he used my **** to stir drinks to everyone's delight and one guy bent another over pool table and was ******* him. It looked so great. I will miss that place until Fall.
kev501 kev501
56-60, M
May 7, 2012