In A Bar

I wasn't naked in a bar, but once when I was in my twenties, I was at a bar getting plastered. There was a rugby team there celebrating a win. Well, anyway, this hot chick walked to the jukebox (yup it was that long ago) wearing shorts and a jersey.
A guy came up behind her and pulled her shirt up, baring her ****. As she reached to pull her shirt down, he whipped her shorts to her knees, exposing her bare *** an ***** to the bar.
Well, this went on for some time and it was hilarious but hot. Finally, she got flustered (in a good natured way) and said "fine then.." and then she ******** naked and walked back to the bar.
We all got quite an eyeful and a good laugh...not to mention a lump in the jeans. She stayed naked for a couple hours until the team left. It was great.
cobi48 cobi48
46-50, M
Jan 7, 2013