Girl's Night Out At A Las Vegas ***** Club Part 1

A few weeks ago, 3 of my girlfriends and I went to Las Vegas for a "Girls Only" trip. Of course we did the usual shopping, shows and slot machine play. The ladies I went with are all in their late 30s or early 40s as I am.

At lunch on Tuesday, Karen brought up my auditioning for Playboy almost two years ago and said it was something she would thinkof trying. Unfortunately Playboy was not in town doing a casting call. One of the other girls suggested that we enter the amateur contest at a ***** club. She told us that she and her husband went to an amateur night and thought it was great fun watching the amateurs *****. She and her husband were looking to see who was a "real" amateur and who was a dancer from another club. The rest of us said we would not ***** naked at a ***** club full of strange men. She then told us there was a topless only club that was having a contest the next evening. We were all finishing our second Margarita when we agreed that we would all enter the amateur contest.

After lunch we set out in earnest to prepare for our debut on stage. We all headed out to the local Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood. I found a great black lace bra and panty set and a sheer black robe to wear over it. I had brought suitable black heels to wear with this ensemble. My companions also found suitable items to wear on stage. My ensemble would later be a great tease for my BF when I got back home. By the time dinner rolled around we had all found something to wear including shoes.

Wednesday morning we all went to the spa for a bit of pampering including manicures and pedicures and a little time sitting around the pool. In the early evening we dressed for dresses and heels looking absolutely fantastic. We also packed our tote bags with our wardrobe items needed for the trip to the ***** club. About 9:30 we called the club and asked that they send their courtesy limo over to our hotel. Within about 15 minutes a black limo pulled up and took us to the club. When we got to the club the limo door was opened for us and we entered the club. We signed in as participants for the amateur contest and went inside to watch the action inside. We all sat at one table not far from the main stage. A waitress came over and we ordered drinks....some to settle their jittery nerves. We then began to sip our drinks and watch the happenings at the club. I did see plenty of unaccompanied men, small groups of men and a very few couples watching the girls on stage.

At about 10:30 an announcement was made calling all amateurs to the office to fill out the required information, verify ID and hear the house rules and contest rules. There were about 15 women mostly in their 20s filling out forms in the office area. Rules included that you had to keep your bottoms on, no obviously drunk girls on stage and a few others. Once this was completed we were sent to the "Dancer's dressing room" to get ready for our performance. The four of us all changed into our "costumes" and touched up our makeup and found our way to a row of seats along one side of the stage for the contestants to sit in while we waited our turn to dance on stage.

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What a great start to your story.

bAre Hugs

I'm so impressed that you and your friends had remained hot enough as you've aged still have had enough confidence to compete against women in their 20's. Stripping, especially that first time, requires a lot of guts. You all must have had great diet and fitness routines. What kind of work were you guys involved in? Did you have jobs that demanded that you maintain your toned bodies?
: )