Girl's Night Out At A Las Vegas ***** Club Part 2

In the dressing room one of the staff members, a woman in her 50s lined us up in the order we were to perform and were asked for our choices of the two songs we were to dance to. All of us made our selections and were then told to take seats in the order at the reserved seats along side the stage. As we walked out of the dressing room, I felt like every eye in the club was on us. Some of the girls in the contest were girls I had seen sitting with their significant others when we first arrived. There were also a few girls who came alone who looked like they were dancers both by costume especially their clear platform shoes and the lack of nervousness on their part. Some of the girls were like us true amateurs who had never done this, some were wearing cute lingerie others very ordinary things with office/work appropriate shoes. In our case the 4 of us were sitting there very nervous in our very sexy lingerie and very high heels. The four of us were numbers 9-12 out of the 15 contestants. It also appeared that we were the oldest of the ladies in the contest.

Soon the DJ announced the contest was about to get underway. He whipped up the audience into a frenzy hooting and hollaring for the contest to begin. He then called the first contestant to the stage, she was obviously experienced showing off her skills including using the pole. Before the middle of the first song, her top was off showing her overdone store bought boobs to all present. As she finished her two songs, she collected her tips from admiring fans. One of the bouncers ran a dustmop around the stage to sweep up the money thrown on the stage. What did we get ourselves into?

A few girls later, a woman about 25 stepped timidly up to the stage. She began moving around the stage very nervously. She was obviously a first timer and very nervous. At the end of her first song, she was still not topless. A few yells from the audience were heard "SHOW US YOUR ****", she was blushing, a few seconds laterthe DJ repeated the demand. Timidly she took off her bra and nervously continued. She then appeared to concentrate her dancing toward one patron sitting at the side of the stage opposite us. It appeared that she had come with her significant other and was doing this at his request. After her second song was over she picked up her bra and left the stage, she had not gone around the stage to collect her tips. The bouncer swept up the tips left for her and brought them to her at the table where she sat. Would any of our group freeze up like this woman did?

Two more "real dancers" and then another nervous girl got on stage. As her first song started, she ran off the stage without having started to dance. She ran into the dressing room with a look of terror and panic on her face. I would guess she paniced when she saw all the eyes on her as she stepped up to the stage. I was now starting to get nervous as there was only one more girl ahead of our group of four first timers. Now the chatter began in our group, we were all nervouse but very confident women regardless. None of us had ever ******** and danced at a "***** Club" before. I was the only one of our group that had posed for a Playboy photographer at a casting call and I was sooooooo nervous at that event, it took the encouragement of the photographer, one of the staff members and my daughter to get me to take my top off on camera. I detected a bit of nervousness in two of my friends,,,,Karen, the one who suggested posing for Playboy and Julie, she had taken pole dancing as a fitness class at a dance studio. Julie was also the one who suggested entering the amateur contest as a group. Amanda, the other friend who took the pole dancing class and I were the least nervous of the lot.

We had one more contestant in front of us. by appearance she was in her late 20s and was very confident as she stepped onto the stage. She did not "dress like a ********" but once the music started, she had all the moves... the crowd went wild at this very athletic lady. She even looked confident on the pole. Near the end of her first song she tossed her bra to one of the guys sitting at the edge of the stage....her BF or husband I would guess. The crowd was wild about her and her performance....dollar bills were flying up top the stage. After her second song, she retrieved her bra and went around the stage to recieve tips from her admirers. She was followed by the bouncer with the dustmop again. It looked like she cleaned up on tips. The applause from the crowd was deafening.

Now was the moment of truth....our group of ladies were up next

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