I'M Going To Do A Striptease!!

I posted a question recently about me being asked to do a striptease for some friends of mine. Everybody seems to think I should do it! When I was first asked to do it by my friends the idea was very exciting. I have since decided that I will actually do the *****, wow!

It will be in front of a small group of guy friends who I trust. I've never done a striptease before so inexperienced, but my friends told me not to worry about that, they will be happy to just watch me undress. I have said I need some time to prepare, have to think about what I will wear for a start. Putting it to a vote, the majority of my friends would prefer me to wear some form of mini skirt, as opposed to a dress. Also, they said it would be great if I wore some sexy lingerie, which I said of course I will! I need to pick some clothes out, but shouldn't have to buy anything as have a pretty good wardrobe ;-) My idea is to wear stockings, panties, mini skirt, bra, and a blouse, and then remove the items slowly. Nothing too fancy. Once ********, I'm hoping I will be brave enough to remain naked for a while, this would be so exciting!!!

I have set a provisional date for my ***** to Friday 22nd, and my friends have said that would be so great. I'm really excited about doing this, to think I will be taking all my clothes off in front of people!!!!

Wish me luck.
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Have fun, please post some photos for us in your album

Good for you. ! This world could use more women who are not afraid to Be Womanly !
When your friends have the pleasure
Of seeing you in the nude, you will learn a lot about how they have
always thought about you.
It would be wise to tell them Before
you begin, however, just how far you
are willing for this Experience to go.

Good to see you did it and enjoyed it and the guys kept their words, thanks for sharing.

I did it!! I actually took all my clothes off in front of the guys. It was sooooo scary to start with but exciting. I had soft saxophone music playing as they entered my house, and I served them all drinks. I was already wearing the outfit I was going to perform in, and as the guys came in they all remarked on how sexy I looked. I was wearing a white button up blouse, a very sexy black pleated mini skirt that was very very short, black sexy underwear, and high heels. I had a few comments such as "Hay Trace, as you walk your skirt bounces up at the back and we can see your panties," and "we can't wait to see you!" This started to make me feel hot, and I couldn't wait to start my performance. One of the guys copped a feel under my skirt and I said "Hey! Down boy!"

As they all sat down, I started to dance a little and relax more, but still a little nervous. A couple of them shouted "Get them off", but the others said "In your own time Trace, no hurry." I started to slowly unbutton my blouse as I moved my body from side to side, and then gradually removed it. I then heard someone say "Lets see your ****." So I undid my bra, feeling nervous, but managed to remove it to gasps of "They are beautiful!", and "Perfect size and shape". I started to caress my breasts as I walked towards the audience, and stooped down in front of one of the guys who couldn't resist and put his hands on my breasts. I pulled back, but then got brave again, and moved towards the next guy. Somehow, I managed to trip on the rug and went head-long into him. I felt so embarrassed, but I don't think he minded having a half-naked girl on his lap! I picked myself up and straightened my skirt, which had flipped up to so many cheers. I then turned my back on the audience and said "Who wants to undo my Skirt?" One of them jumped up so quickly and said "I do", and promptly got hold of my zipper and tugged it down zzzzip. It didn't take much as my skirt was very short (See here: http://www.yandy.com/Pleated-Mini-Skirt-6110.php) I then danced more and gradually pulled my skirt down. It fell to the floor and I stepped out of it. All the guys cheered, and the one who undid my skirt slapped me on my butt. I turned around and wagged my finger, which made them all laugh. I then removed my shoes for the next and final stage, my panties. I teased the guys for a few minutes, making out I was going to pull my panties down and then stopping, but eventually I pulled them down and stepped out of them. Now I was completely naked and they all cheered and said I was beautiful. I felt good, and then sat down and said
who's going to get me a drink? I remained naked for half an hour or so, and then put my clothes back on. It was so exciting, my heart was racing, and I loved the attention. When the guys eventually left, barring one who is my bf, several of them hugged me, thanking me for doing such a brave thing, and of course, several of them copped another feel under my skirt!

Would I do it again? Not sure, maybe. My bf likes me doing it, so possibly.

Great story...similar to what my wife did except it was just for one friend...she felt great about herself and wants to do it again. Congratulations!

It sounds like it was a great experience. I envy you for having that opportunity.

It was great and I did enjoy doing it. Also, dont regret it either. Thank you for your comment.

That's hot I wish my wife would ***** for my friends

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Hope you did the *****. It sounds like it is going to be very sexy.

Yes I did do it! Read my post.

Well I am all set to ***** off in front of my friends but a couple of them have said they can't make it as something has come up. They begged me to postpone, so I agreed. Although my current thought is to go ahead tonight and do it again when the others can watch. Just debating that now, but it would mean me being really sure that I would want to do it again. Hmmmm.