I Want to Be Understanding and Fair

I strive to be understanding and fair to everyone. I say strive because no one is perfect; least of all me...I want to be a better person day to day but sometimes, when someone seems to be unfairly attacking me, I take offense and want to be just as ugly to them as they are to me. I dont always act on this impulse (praise God for His hand over my mouth); I just keep quiet. This is mostly how I react; stay quiet. There are times, however, that I just cant seem to do it and I really cant hold it in.  I hate those times,  it always makes things worse and harder to make ammends (which I do because 2 wrongs dont make anything right & I always feel my wrong is worse because I know better), and I dont really want to make anyone feel bad in any way. So if any feel like praying for me; please pray for me to have better self-control over my tongue!   Thank you all. 

samaritan samaritan
61-65, F
Feb 22, 2009