Old Lady

 My mom will be 87 in two months. She can barely walk, yet everyday she walks down to the corner to buy her groceries. I live a couple of blocks away from her and I always offer my help but she just doesn’t want it. Sometimes I even sneak in some groceries into her apartment just to make it easier for her, but when she finds out she argues with me.
The community where we live is very tight and almost everybody knows everybody. It’s a rare inner city neighborhood.  People still talk to each other in person and they know a lot about others. Many times I am being asked why I allow my mom to do her groceries, why I allow her carry her stuff; she is too old for that. Even though I explained them the reasons or actually her reasons, a couple of them always look at me like I am a person without empathy and I just don’t want to help her.
I argue a lot about this with my mom, because I don’t want her to hurt herself by lifting and carrying heavier items. Also I am tired of the comments what others might say behind my back. But what can I do, she is a stubborn woman and she knows what she wants. She believes that until she can walk down to the store everyday and buy the food and the drinks she needs she will do it. Because –she says- if she starts accepting my help or anybody’s help, her only daily activity that is her exercise will be limited and that will be the end of her life because sitting at home all day is not only boring and unhealthy but according to her the characteristic of lazy people.
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Jun 11, 2010