Being Homeless

 I have never ever in my life thought I could be homeless and I would be living on the streets. I was born into a hard working, working class family. I grew up with seeing good examples in my parents and they always emphasized the importance of studying and hard work. They made sure on top of the good values they showed and taught to me I was finishing school too.
After high school, I joined the Army and I finished two trips in Iraq. While I was there I lost both my parents in an accident that was very difficult to deal with. When I finished the second round in Iraq, I had a very difficult time to adjust to the normal society as my parents were not there anymore.
I started to look for a job right away and I found one in construction. I started working as a carpenter that was paying decent money. I could move to a nicer apartment, I could buy a better pick up truck and my life was going well.
Then this housing crisis started and the economy went south. Many construction workers including me were left without enough work, so first I had to deal with reduced hours later with long breaks. A year ago I was completely laid off and I have not managed to find another job.
At the beginning, I was upbeat and positive to be able to find another job, but as months passed it put a huge psychological burden on me and became more and more depressed. I had no income and I had to sell my truck and move out of my apartment. In the old times it had been easy, I could have just moved in with my parents, now unfortunately I did not have that luxury. I bought an old Minivan and for 8 months now that is my home.
I am very hopeful my life will turn around and I will be able to restart my life so I can make my parents proud up there. They could not believe their eyes to see me living in a minivan. They could not believe I could not find a job and I could not afford to live in an apartment. They could not believe a hardworking individual with decent values could not make a living and has to live homeless.
And frankly, if you told me this a few years ago I would be homeless, I would not have believed it either. Life is strange and anything can happen to anybody. So be prepared mentally for anything!

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Jun 17, 2010