Life is Fair...

 One time I was dating a guy I was completely head over hills for. The only problem was when we started dating he had a girlfriend so I was his lover only for a year or so. It was as humiliating as it could be, but I kept my hope that as he promised he will end his relationship with his girlfriend.
A couple of months into the relationship we started having arguments and fights because I did not feel comfortable in this situation, we could not really go anywhere as normal couples do, I could not introduce him to my friends and family and he did not introduce me to anybody either. It was a hidden love that was kept in secrecy.
He always promised to me next month because of various reasons he can end that relationship but it never seemed to happen. So after about 10 months I started to create plans for my life that did not include him. I signed up for a 6 month course overseas in Germany that was starting two months later. I told him about my plans and that I was going to leave him. I told him I was going to leave in two months.
The next Monday he called me and invited me to a restaurant. I was shocked as we never went anywhere else before other than hotels and our apartments. I remember with a big smile on his face he mentioned that officially I am his girlfriend now. He said he ended his long lasting relationship with his girlfriend and now he was all mine. I got extremely happy as I was in deep love with him.
A nice two month period started when we did many things together. We introduced each other to our friends and families and I thought now it has become a real serious relationship. As the time arrived I was leaving for Germany both of us were sad, but I did not want to change my plans. I believed if he loved me he would wait for me 6 months. I considered it sort of a trial of our love.
My stay in Germany was emotionally hard on me. I was suffering a lot and I missed him dearly. We were in contact via phone, email and chats, so the distance seemed a bit shorter like that. Yet time passed slowly and I considered ending my course early and just go back to him. Slowly my 6 months was up and I was traveling back very excited. I made plans on the plane already what we would do, and I imagined how our lives would be.
Three months after my return, I saw a sexting message  on his cell phone. I confronted him about it but he denied everything and said it was a message from a friend and it was just a joke. I wanted to believe him and trust him, but it was hard. I started to investigate and I found out he had an affair with a girl, and the affair started several months ago.
 I always believed life is fair and this experience that happened many years ago just made this belief stronger. The relationship ended the same way it started. I was just on the other side now and I experienced the suffering the first girl might have gone through. Fairly enough,  this other side was humiliating also.

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Jun 19, 2010