A WISE STORY:__________ A Rude Hotel Guest

 My aunt is a great lady. She is a very quiet one but when she does not like something she lets the other one know. She is also someone who never hurts other people and who does not like to see other people suffering.
She is a resident of Upstate New York and she has a second home down there in Coral Gables, Florida that she keeps for the cold winter months when the freezing temperatures arrive to the Northeast. So every year she packs her stuff and just escapes to the sunshine from the frigid temperatures.
Last year as I was jobless I thought it would be a good idea to join her to Miami. She kept inviting me for a long time and last year was just the perfect timing for this trip as I did not have a job, neither a potential opportunity and anyway I was mentally exhausted. So when she invited again I happily accepted her offer and was glad to be in the sunshine state for Christmas.
We preferred driving as with the recent price hikes for extra luggage we would have paid a fortune. My aunt and I shared the driving time and this way it was not even too tiring for us. From New York to Miami it takes about 24 hours by car, so we knew we were going to have to stop to get some sleep at some hotel.
In North Carolina we took an exit off the I95 where the sign suggested there would be accommodation and we just rented a room. The hotel was a Hampton Inn and I like its hotels because they are very clean and usually new. The front desk clerk was very nice and friendly and so were the other employees we met.
Next morning we woke up early to have breakfast and then continue driving south. As we walked back to our room from the breakfast area, we saw a guest yelling with one of the housekeepers. We did not know exactly what the reason for the angry behavior was but we could tell that the housekeeping lady was in complete shock. She kept repeating with her Hispanic accent: ‘I am sorry Sir, I am sorry.’ Then the guy left but before disappeared in his room he looked back again at the housekeeping lady and shouted ‘You stupid Hispanic cockroach’.
With my aunt we stood there in shock and did not know for a second what to take from this situation. Not even a couple of seconds passed until my aunt hurried to this rude hotel guest’s door and started knocking on his door. After he answered the door my aunt opened her usually quiet mouth. ‘How can you be so rude? How can you be so disrespectful to a woman? Your mother did not teach you how a true man treats women? You little son of a …, next time I see you disrespecting this lady here I will slap you on your face.’
I stood there about two doors down the hall and I was speechless. I knew my aunt would never hurt others but I did not know she would also stand up for someone else she did not even know.
The guy shut the door without saying a single word and my aunt went over to the other room that the housekeeping lady was just cleaning and she called her out from the room. She asked her ‘Ma’am what happened exactly, why was this guy so mad at you?’ The housekeeper looked up embarrassedly and kind of shamefully and said ‘I just folded his jeans and put them up on the shelf. Then she started crying and said ‘I just wanted to clean his room properly and his jeans were on the floor. I am sorry, I am so sorry.’
My aunt touched her hand, looked her and said ‘Young lady, there is no reason for you to cry. You did your job and what you were supposed to do. If he did not want you to clean his room, he could have hung the don’t disturb sign on his door. Please calm down and let me know if this guy bothers you again’.
We headed back to our room after the incident to pack our clothes and belongings. My aunt was furious and I have never seen her like that. We were almost ready to leave when she reached her wallet and pulled out a 50 dollar bill. She grabbed the pen and the feedback form on the table and wrote ‘Life is good. There are good and bad people in it, but always listen to and remember the good ones only!’ She then put the bill down next to the form and looked at me. She said ‘The potential for one happy day could be taken from this young lady’s life if she remembers this beautiful day only because of this rude guy’s actions.’ Then she left the room.
I stood there for a minute trying to absorb the situation. Then before I left I grabbed my wallet myself and matched my aunt’s amount.

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1 Response Jul 11, 2010

Touching story. I really enjoyed it. That rude guy should be added to the hotel guest blacklist.