Soft Beauty~~ (copy)

Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart
Each of us has our own strengths and beauty inside
Achievements and goals we have aquired over time
Ultimately we have to reach deep within ourselves
To know how much we love and are loved each day
You are always beautiful inside each day as you walk life's path
Inside of yourself you have to sometimes let your beauty shine
Sometimes we get a second chance at life to begin again

New beginnings ahead often await you as you walk along
Opportunities sometimes present themselves in such a way
The key thing in life is not whether you win or lose

In life what matters is that you have tried your very best
New things sometimes await as you begin things again

True beauty isn't in the face, but it is a light that shines in the
Heart, to love and be loved by others is always a beautiful feeling
Each day we grow a Little stronger and more confident in life

Follow your heart and dream your dreams and visions
At times when you are feeling weary and tired, rest for awhile
Certain times in life you may not always see your beauty
Each of us has our own strengths and good qualities my friend

Beauty is a light that shines from within a heart
Enjoy the things in life that you enjoy to do
At times it really doesn't matter how big or small they are
Usually it is the smallest gifts of the heart that is so precious
The past is behind us, we have the future to live each day
You are always beautiful my friend, let that inner beauty shine

In life there are so many beautiful gifts of the heart
Some of them are big and some of them a pretty small

A heart can feel the love of others and to know how much we are loved

Let your inner beauty shine from within you
In life it is always there within your heart
Go slow as you walk life's bumpy path, let your
Heart ''light always shine so beautifully in you
Take time to yourself and find the little things

In life that you enjoy doing each day
No matter how big or small they are

There are new beginnings that await
Heal from the past since the past is gone
Each day you will become stronger and confident

Have faith and confidence as you walk along
Each of us has our own strengths and beauty inside
At times you have to just reach within your heart
Remember how much you are loved my dear friend
Today as you walk life's path, always let your inner beauty shine...
Raindrop000 Raindrop000
51-55, F
Aug 22, 2010