Be Sweet To Yourself

I have decided to love myself the best way I know how.  Growing up I had warm and loving mother and I
remember the little things she used to do to care for me.  My mom---what can I say about my mom? I remember as a child her
smile and the gentle way she used to talk to me.  I remember the loving way in which she used to bathe me.  After giving me a nice
warm bath should would sprinkle baby powder all over me. It smelled so good. Well, let me get to the point.  I have decided to
tell myself loving things, perhaps smile in the mirror and just be happy and smile at others. I will be just as sweet to myself as my
mother was to me. (My mother is still with me.)  Sometimes its great to tell people how great people are while they are still here with us.
livelongandprosper livelongandprosper
Nov 20, 2011