To Be Less Foolish

I don't really. I actually strive to be less foolish.

I don't think one can just strive for wisdom the way one might train to be a sports star or learn one's multiplication tables. Wisdom, it seems to me is all too rare, and seems to come with a long life and rich experience.

Very rarely do we encounter a wise young person. It's almost as if being and old fart or an old cheese is a key position classification standard for any hope of being wise.

Working class people in Australia call it the university of life, the knockabout streetwise knowledge they accumulate from decades of doing it, experiencing it, and perhaps, thinking about it.

They also talk about old bulls and young bulls, the former instilled with wisdom and patience, the younger more enthusiastic and frisky.

I make far too many mistakes to consider myself wise. Not sure I have any hope of ever attaining wisdom. But I continue to strive, successfully or otherwise, to be less foolish.

NOTE: use of words like streetwise and otherwise is intentional. We build wishes for all sorts of variety of wisdom into our vocabulary - perhaps in faint hope.
61-65, M
Sep 17, 2012