If people do not behave to my liking ,

why do I always try to correct them, prove that they are wrong and I am right ? At every given instance I try to do this one-up-man thing and 'Look I told you already '. 'I know this more than you do'. I am not a bad person. I know it deep inside me and I am proud of it. Very proud of it.

But, why do I try to intimidate and insult people and make them eat the humble pie ? As a matter of fact , if they agree and admit their mistakes, it is not my victory. It is their greatness. Why can't I understand this simple rule in life that I am surrounded by good people. Good people like I am.

I am already great - not because of my earthly possessions, but by the virtue of being a unique creation of God. So are others. So how come this simple understanding evaded me ? Why can not just ACCEPT and LET GO ?

This moment on, I have firmly and deeply decided to let go of this acquired attitude of mine. This moment on, I commit myself not to criticize and intimidate others. I also accept and deeply believe that this is NOT my nature but an acquired quality developed and I commit myself deeply to shed this attitude of mine , gradually , step by step. I commit myself deeply that I only make people happy with my words and actions.

At the same time, I unequivocally, wholeheartedly and fully forgive and pardon myself because I believe that this fact evaded me for so long and I came to terms with it at this moment. It is an acquired quality and now, I made a commitment to shed that. I am deeply committed to returning to my own good , loving, compassionate self.
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I have realization you are bad
I can tell the way you called me a idiot

So you call me idiot in public. It is ok with me. But tell me this. Are you really 40 years old ?

I once knew a man, not so long ago, who constantly corrected people around him. After a lot of soul-searching, he found that he was not happy with his own life. It took him time to realize that he was critical of everything because he hadn't dealt with his own misgivings about his personal choices. I learned a lot from observing his behavior and the path that led him out of that condemnation. Thank you for sharing this.

This is called accepting others as well as ourself:)