Living With My Stroke

lets see where to start, i was molested and raped as a child ended up in foster homes and with benign cancerous cells i was unable to have children from,because they took out some feminine parts. i grew up hard fast and mean i started work at 15 i was married at 16 single at 18 divorced by 20 went out to face the world in all its mystery and glorybut oh no i was always stuck in a dead end job with a good for nothing boyfriend until finaly at 28 i got a good job i baught a car and i was buying a motorcycle. that was where i went wrong i baught a trailer i was doing good then i got kicked in the *** a first my car broke down so i was on my way to work one day on my motorcycle when a truck pulled out in fron of me the accident caused some terrible brain injury i had a stroke or two or three or how ever many none the lessi was totaly paralyzed on my left side  that was10 months ago and now i amfighting an incredible battle to regain strength and mobility i wwas only fortunate enough that i had a right brain stroke so i didnt lose my speech or breathing though the intibation tubes damaged my vocal cords so iam monotone now now singing for me i have found that the old saying bears much truth,you realy do find out who your friends are when your world is wrecked i found out i used the word friend too losely like some use love. i mean come on im talking to a computer, i also have probably 6 journals i write in to keep my sanity.  i have found only one fgriend in my long arduouse journey she has been by my side for years and even was there forf the 3 months i was semi-comatose  in the hospital all the while she was busy taking finals and i live with her and her two kids by god thats sometimes as hard as dealing with this stroke but i learned that i was not grown up at all i still have alot to learn and may never stop learning now that i know how to

misunfortunate misunfortunate
26-30, F
Feb 24, 2010